Starting Early: 4 Good Habits and How To Teach Them To Your Kids

Consider how difficult it often is to integrate new habits into your routine as an adult. Whether you forget or simply run out of time to focus on your new goals, life gets in the way. Instead of fostering the same environment for your kids, teach them good habits early in life.

Healthy Eating

While keeping your kids entirely away from soda, candy, fast food and other unhealthy items may lead to rebellion later, overexposure is a serious issue. In other words, a little treat once in a while can prevent them from overindulging when they’re out of your sight. Work as a family to make healthy meals together. If kids are used to eating vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, fruits and other healthy products, then they may not even care much about other items. Cooking together also allows for quality family time.


The thought of getting up in the morning to workout may seem grueling to you, and you don’t want your children to grow up with the same attitude. Show them that exercise can be fun. Encouraging team sports is one way to do so. You may even want to volunteer to coach so you can get in exercise too. You can also teach kids how to turn a hobby into exercise. For example, if they love to play in the pool, encourage them to pursue swimming at a higher level.

Oral Hygiene

Dental care is so important because bad teeth can take a toll on your overall health. Many kids stray away from the dentist as they grow because they have been allowed to fear the dentist. Going to the dentist as a family is one way to assuage these concerns. Right now, your kids might think it’s okay to be scared of the dentist because you are yourself. Once the dentist talks to your family about healthy dental practices, integrate them into your daily schedule at home. If nothing you can do will shake their dentist discomfort, you may want to consider using a service like the Sedation Dentistry Center or someone similar so they don’t need to be awake and experience the whole ordeal of their 6 month check-up.


Physical health is important, but so are social and emotional health. Some children are not forced to thank others for gifts or polite gestures because parents feel they are too young. If your kids can communicate with others, then they are old enough to know these important words of gratitude. Encouraging them to always give proper thanks can help them to transmute into more gracious adults.

Encouraging good habits is pivotal when you want your kids to grow up in a happy and healthy manner. These tips will help them to grow up with proper routines.