Status and Trends Of The POS System

Status and Trends Of The POS System

POS for the sales and selling information products in the store can be immediate aggregation (Point of Sales) system. Use in convenience stores have been generally known, but supermarkets and restaurants, apparel, drug stores, bookstores, etc., also progressed introduced in a variety of retail stores.
Here, although considering the POS system introduction, still directed towards that there is no knowledge so much, we will introduce about the overview and trends.

Current State of the POS System

Now “reads the bar code, and checkout at the cash register,” many in the store be became a commonplace of the era. It’s can be realized, it is none other than because the POS system has spread. In the POS system, by registering and advance trade name and price, it is not called a cash register that amount is displayed. In this way, the speed reduction at the cash register, the POS system to realize the mistakes reduction, now chain stores, of course, are now widely used in privately owned stores.

The first benefit is obtained by introducing a POS system is a point as described above. And by utilizing the POS system, it will allow a smooth summary of each item as described below, it is the understanding of the sales will be able to facilitate real-time.

Brand name, price, number of sales, each date and store sales, such as

With such data is to be visualized, since it becomes possible to analyze it will now seen as “selling products” and “sales for each store.” Based on this information, companies are planning or in the following sales strategy, changing the number of purchase, and I will be able think of each of the initiatives the store that.

Also recently, reflecting the needs of the times, and tablet devices incorporating the POS system, also cloud-POS system appeared. To be able to deal with more agile and the flexible business, is there while POS system also changes.

Elements that make up the POS System

POS system, the shop side, in the back yard (or headquarters, headquarters, etc.) side both, is composed out and “POS software”, “POS hardware”.

It manages and tallying the items of product names, such as those listed in the POS software above, is software to support the operational efficiency of sales and inventory management, etc. by connecting the stores. There is also specialized software in business or industry.

Then, out of the POS hardware, it will introduce the typical three things.

POS Register

POS register, what is commonly referred to as “registration”. Different features that are incorporated by purpose, generally bar code scanner, receipt printer, journal printer, is equipped with such as cash drawer. Others, device for reading electronic money, device for reading the credit card, such as a device for reading and writing of the point card is installed. Retail and food and beverage system, in the apparel system it will be the interface is different.

It called portable data terminal portable data terminal or handy terminal; it is a small POS equipment that reading device is attached. Inventory management of goods, and is utilized, such as the order accepted in such restaurants. It also appeared that was equipped with this feature in tablet terminal. During, it also is seen the use of the ordering system that the customer can directly manipulate.

Office server office server works with information of each POS register of data and portable data terminal, we have integrated management of all the data. In the past, there was also If you are installing a server in each store, no longer necessary to install a server in each store in the improvement of the network environment, it can now be installed only such as headquarters and oversees the department.

The Advent of Tablet Devices and Cloud-based Service

In recent years, due to the spread and cloud computing of penetration of smart devices, POS system also has a new change appears.

For example, it is possible to use a tablet terminal as a POS register; it is also an example of the emergence of cloud-based POS system. Since it is the initial cost and the “tablet price,” “monthly fee of server”, it has the advantage that the cost can be significantly reduced and the system introduced, and should I also help for small stores. Besides that, first, look at the reaction of the market by small start, it will also be suitable if you want to continue to expand in response to the performance … and say.

From the owner of the smokestack system, to flexibly change possible services available at low cost. Also to the POS system, it seems to be the wave of such new change is visiting.