Stay Alert When Driving – Do’s And Don’ts

You are waiting for the red light at traffic signal to go green, but you are also getting late for your work. So, you violate all the traffic rules and regulations, break the signal and CRASH, you end up on a hospital bed.

You are driving on a busy road and suddenly you get an important call, you can’t wait to park your car on side of the road and you pick up the call. Consequence – either you hit someone or you get hit by someone. These incidents are very common nowadays and to avoid them, a set of laws has been made by the authorities for the safety of its citizens. Driving is not all about enjoying and having fun, it is also about safety, not only yours but others as well, and obeying traffic rules and regulations.

So here are some simple steps through which you can ensure your safety as well as of others:

  • The first thing which should be kept in mind is the speed limit. Generally, the speed limit which is allowed in America on the interstate highways is 65 miles per hour. Speed limits have been decided for various types of roads and zones and usually they differ from zone to zone depending on the traffic volume of that zone
  • Obeying the traffic signals is also a very crucial aspect of traffic laws. You really need to stick to those red, yellow and green signals if you don’t want to get yourself killed. Although traffic rules are hardwired into people from a young age, drivers usually tend to get negligent about them when they drive. When you are on the road, one second of negligence can result in a lifetime of suffering, or atleast a ticket. So, follow the red, yellow and green code and stay safe
  • The conventional side for driving in United States and many of the countries is the right side. So for safety and security reasons you better be on your side of the road. Moreover, the overtaking is always done on the left side of the road. It is important keep to the correct side
  • Even if you don’t violate any rules, you will be asked to stop your car by the local cops if you have not put your seat belts on. It is mandatory to wear seat belts while driving. You get a traffic rule violation ticket for not following this rule, which shows on your driving record. Seat belts ensure your safety in case of collisions. In other words, it is better to bear the slight discomfort of wearing a seatbelt than crashing out of the wind shield due to impact during accidents
  • Cell phones and text messaging are strictly banned when you are on the road. Cell phones take your concentration off the road and the consequences are disastrous. You should park your vehicle on the roadside if you need to answer any important call or message.
  • Driving after drinking is a strict no-no. The courts of United States are getting stricter day by day for the cases of DUI (Driving Under Influence) due to increased rate of accidents. There is also an open-container law which states that there should not be an open container of alcohol in any vehicle. You could be asked for penalties even if there is a container with broken seal but this broken seal law does not work in every state of America.
  • Babies or small children are not allowed to sit on the front seat of cars. There is a child restraint law to ensure that babies travel in child restraint seats approved by recognized institutions. If you don’t follow this law, your could put your baby’s life in grave danger
  • If you see a school bus which is stopped and is flashing the light on its sides, you should stop your vehicle until the bus moves again. These school buses are generally yellow in color with school bus written on it. This law has been enforced to ensure the safety of school children while they are getting off the bus.
  • While arriving at junctions, the driver on the extreme right side gets the priority of going first. This is also true for the four way stop (intersection where all the directions have stop sign).
  • In case you hit someone accidentally you should not continue driving. You should stop because if you don’t, then you will be charged with crime of ‘hit and run’. But more than this, it is your social responsibility to ensure the victim’s safety


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