Stay In Jaisalmer Desert – Living Life As Kings

Stay In Jaisalmer Desert – Living Life As Kings

Is Jaisalmer, your next vacation spot? The Jaisalmer Tour Package is the best holiday package that you may want to choose to enjoy a beautiful stay in the deserts. Unbelievably, a trip to Jaisalmer will definitely give you a different experience from any other desert camps you have been.  The Thar Desert has a lot of sunshine and a never-ending stretch of sand, which makes it ideal for every travel enthusiast. With the widest range of options, here we have shortlisted the top 3 Desert camps Jaisalmer that are frequented by visitors across the world.

What’s the Best Camp for you

The Serai – Luxury redefined

The Serai is for people who love luxury. It offers 21 large size canvas tents spread on the land of 30 acres. The camping ground is in the Great Thar Desert. The size of each tent is approximately 1000 square feet. With such are huge space, you know what to expect. Yes, this luxurious tent offers you a comfortable bedroom, living room, posh bathroom with all amenities, relaxing area, private garden, private pool, and spa.

Damodra Desert Camp – Enrich in a peaceful atmosphere

This desert camp has 10 Swiss tents located rightly in Sam Sand Dunes, the most authentic sand dunes in India. Sam Sand Dunes is equally beautiful to the sand dunes of Dubai. A peaceful atmosphere surrounds it and you get the most rural experience here. Local village food is served upon request, you can enjoy the traditional music and dance in the evening. The camp is decorated with traditional antiques and artifacts that remind you the life of kings in Rajasthan.

The Prince Desert Camp – For a royal and king like experience

It is one of the largest tent camps in Jaisalmer with royal experiences. The tent has the most beautiful interior décor and alluring exteriors with an authentic feel. You can watch the sunset from the comfort of your tent while sipping the hot chai. The sky changes from orange to pink during sunset. You can enjoy long walk on the sand dunes on a cold night and stay under the stars and moon.

Why is Jaisalmer different from others?

Have you been camping in the deserts before? Whether you love desert camps or if it’s your first desert camp, Jaisalmer has everything for you. In simple words, you can live life as kings here in this desert. While camping, you may also enjoy camel rides, night safari, sunset walk, jeep safari and enjoy the delicious local food. The local music, Rajasthani Thali and the vibrant nights would make your trip the most memorable one.

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