Staying Safe And Sane When The Power Goes Out

Staying Safe and Sane When the Power Goes Out
Being without power is something that no home or business is immune from. There are a lot of problems and dangers that can arise when there is a power outage, so it is best to take some proactive steps and be ready for when there is an actual power emergency.

Home Implications
SO many things at home rely on electricity. We sometimes forget how dependent we are when it comes to powering the things in our lives. When the power goes out, the necessities in life are the ones that should be looked at first. This would include water, food and heat or comfort.
Depending on the home, water heaters and water pumps may be powered by electricity. Once the power goes out, there is no way to get water. Having a supply of water in case of emergencies is advised. Once this small supply runs out, there needs to be a method for obtaining more.
Refrigerators and freezers need power to keep food cold. Most modern refrigerators will keep things cold and safe for a few hours. This is prolonged is doors are left shut. When the power goes out for a short period of time, a family has nothing to worry about. After a short while, food will begin to go bad unless the appliances are hooked up to a power source. A gas or propane powered generator is the only way to protect food in a prolonged power outage.
Depending on the season, keeping cool or warm in the house may be huge concerns. In the dead of winter, family members need to stay warm. Depending on the home, there may be a wood or propane fireplace that can be used. Otherwise, a generator or propane heater may be needed to keep the family comfortable and safe.
Business Implications
Depending on the size of the business, a power outage can be devastating. Perishable products can be lost, items will not be able to be produced and manufactured, and employees will be unable to perform their normal duties. In many cases, an outage can completely disable a business.
Always Being Prepared
It is important for any homeowner or corporation to be prepared for any power outages. This can mean many different things depending on the situation. It is also dictated by location. If a home is in a remote area that is prone to outages, more provisions should be gathered.
When it comes to food and water, non-perishable items that are easily prepared are best. Also look at nutritional content as this is important. Water in gallon jugs is easiest to store and then easiest to use.
For a power supply, there are many options. Things such as power output, noise level and exhaust are all considerations to look at before purchasing or renting.
When the power goes out, it does not have to be a miserable time. By securing a few provisions and being smart about using resources, a family or a business can easily manage.
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