Steps You Should Take When You Get Arrested or Charged With A Violent Crime

Steps You Should Take When You Get Arrested or Charged With A Violent Crime

It can be very stressful and overwhelmed, after having being charged under a violent crime lawsuit. Not many people are aware of how to deal with such a daunting experience. If you come across such an incidence, then the first that you should do is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Is it a felony or misdemeanor?

If you choose to go alone, then people who are accused need to figure out when their action comes under a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor is a lower level classification of crime. Class 1 misdemeanors are generally punishable with 6 months in jail with a fine of $2,500.00 and 3 years of probation.

Gary Ostrow is one of the most acclaimed criminal defense attorneys who has to his credit highest number of successful cases. A felony is considered to be very serious offense. Depending on the kind of violent crime, there can be multiple levels of felony.

You can find the classification of your misconduct in the complaint, summons, or booking paperwork. If you don’t have access to these three things, you can search online with your statute number, to determine whether your action come under a felony or misdemeanor.

Does it come under a domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a type of an offense. As per A.R.S 13-3601, every relationship that results in offense situation is regarded as domestic violence. Misdemeanors as well as felonies can be put under domestic violence offense.

Which is the right court to appear in such cases?

Having charged with a felony offense, one is required to appear in person at the Superior Court. If one is charged with a misdemeanor, then they can appear in a city court or a justice court. The court assignment is generally present below the citation given by the officer, on the summons or on the booking paperwork received by the accused.

Is the accused charged with criminal offense before?

If the accused has been charged earlier under the criminal offense then they could face some really harsh penalties. If this is the first time they have been charged, then the possibilities of getting a positive result are quite higher.

There are several courts that offer diversion programs if the client has been charged with a 1st time misdemeanor offense. An accused will only be charged some fine in this case. At the commencement of this program, the case is dismissed.

If a felony case has been committed first time then the accused is eligible for probation. This happens only if the crime is proved to be dangerous. Dangerous offenses are those that are classified as those which are executed using a dangerous instrument or a deadly weapon.


Learning about the types of criminal cases, court rules and procedures, legal formalities, will definitely prove helpful in fighting the case on your own. Having expert criminal defense lawyers by your side is the best way to remove a lot of burden off your head.