Stock Up On The Right Gear For Beach Fun

There’s no better place to spend your summer than on the warm shores of an ocean beach. The beach is perfect for a ton of activities, like beach volleyball, surfing, boating, swimming, and so much more. You don’t need anything to enjoy the beach, of course – you just need yourself (and, uh, a swimsuit, unless it’s a nude beach). You can lie out in the sun, wade and swim in the water, and have a grand time. But just because you can enjoy the beach without a single bit of gear doesn’t mean that you can’t enhance your beach experience by investing in all of the toys that make beaches even more fun. Here are a few to consider.

Throw, catch, and fly

There are plenty of sports that you can play on the beach, and for the most part, equipment is cheap. The beach is a great place for a game of catch with a softball or a frisbee. Almost any ball sport can be played on the beach, from soccer to volleyball – the latter of which, of course, has its own official beach version and is a staple on beaches around the globe.

A kite is a great thing to bring to the beach, too. Ocean breezes make flying a kite by the see exciting and rewarding, and kites are fun for everyone from little kids to dedicated hobbyists.

Surf’s up

The fun doesn’t end where the sand meets the ocean. Don’t leave home without gear for some kind of board sport. A boogie board is great for kids and for anyone intimidated by riding big waves – hop on the boogie board and you’ll cruise onto the shore with the relatively small waves near the sand. More adventurous water sports fans will want to opt instead of a surfboard and all of the surfing gear that goes with it – wet suits, surfing watches (they’re waterproof, of course), and more.

Gone fishing

The ocean is full of fish, and you don’t have to get on a boat to find them. There’s plenty of fishing to be had right on the shore! Invest in a good fishing pole, hooks, fishing line, bait, and some sun protection, and you’re ready for a day at the beach. Just be sure to check the beach’s rules regarding fishing and local rules regarding fishing licenses and protected fish, and to be aware of swimmers and other beachgoers when you’re casting out and reeling in.

Beach vehicles

If you’re ready to really invest in your beach experience, there are a few pricey options that will completely change your day at the shore. We’re talking about vehicles, and if you’re in a place where they can be used on the beach or on the water, you’re going to have an incredible time.

The ultimate ocean toy is, of course, a boat – and many beaches and beach communities feature marinas where you can store yours for easy access. Boats aren’t cheap, but those that choose to buy used boats can usually get a fairly new craft in good condition for quite a bit less than the brand-new models cost. Even if you do choose to buy brand new, you’ll have plenty of options for boat sizes and add-on packages that will help you adjust the price to suit your needs and your budget.

Jet-skis are also great choices for cruising on the water by the beach. Then there are the vehicles that can drive on the beach itself: ATVs are a popular option, as are Jeeps. Be sure to check carefully about rules regarding vehicles on the beach. Many beaches are closed to vehicles, but if you can find one that’s not, driving on the beach is a blast.