Stockholm-‘The Venice Of The North’

Stockholm-“The Venice of the North” is named like this because there is so much water surrounding the city going off into many directions.  When visiting Sweden, make sure you see the seventeenth century warship Vasa.  This great ship is made of wood, and sadly sank on her maiden voyage.  She lay at the bottom of the ocean for three hundred and thirty three years, near the harbour.  Fifty people went down with her and lost their lives.  In 1961 the Vasa was raised and for seventeen years sprayed with preservatives to protect the wood.  She now rests on the island of Djurgarden, which used to be a royal hunting ground.  Look for the three tall masts and you cannot miss the ship, plus there will probably be many tourists already standing admiring her.  On the same island, you should visit the Skansen open-air museum, opened in 1891, to discover what life is like in Sweden.

Underneath the Norrbro Bridge is another museum from medieval times, which will take you back on a journey through Sweden’s most interesting history.  Go for a drink at the Ice Bar to experience the Nordic culture inside the Nordic Sea Hotel.  This ice is imported from the Torne River in the north to make it that extra special.  The most fascinating part of the bar is that the tables are actually made of ice too, so the temperature is kept well below freezing.  All guests are given the appropriate clothing when entering the building to keep them warm.

Stockholm has been built on fourteen islands, and rises above the water.  The water is clean enough to go swimming or if you wish – fishing.  The front of the water is lined with boats of all sizes, but unlike the real Venice, you can get to parts of the city without getting on a boat.  Visit the old town of Gamla Stan that was built in the thirteenth century to experience the boutiques and cosy little restaurants.  If you want to visit the gardens of Drottningholm Palace, home of the Swedish Royal Family, you will have to take a ride on a boat for about an hour.
The city of Stockholm is a very lively and energetic city, with all its different cultures.  There is always some kind of music playing in the city from folk dancing in the park to Swedish and American pop.  In the local park, you can also attend the free aerobics classes they give.  To escape the crowds of the busy city you can find a quiet beach or a shaded lush forest just less than half an hour away.
If you would like to find out more about the city of Stockholm why not take a guided tour that takes you through landmarks and history by land and by water?  You will pass the City hall, Royal palace, Tivolo Grona Lund, Vasa Museum and Old town.  If you have children under five years old they can go free, as long as they are supervised at all times.
For more useful travel tips you can visit Channel Voyager. The more you read, the better hotel in Stockholm (interesting to know is that the Danish term is hotell Stockholm) you will find for your holiday.