Storage Solutions For Can Am Commander

Like most UTVs, the Can Am Commander has a serious shortage of storage options in the cab and the vehicle’s bed. Fortunately, the aftermarket has come up with plenty of innovative solutions, from storage racks to bags that fit between the seats, to “secret” compartments in the vehicle’s fenders or bed.  The following are just a few storage options available for the Commander.  For hundreds of other Can Am Commander parts and accessories, visit

A convenient and stylish storage solution for the Can Am Commander, Bad Dawg Accessories’ hard dry storage boxes for the Can Am Commander are made with hard-molded plastic. Each dry storage box is made exclusively to fit the Commander.  You can store all of your gear for the day on trails, dunes, or in the woods. Every box is designed and tested under the most extreme conditions and to verify functionality. These dry boxes make your Commander stand out in the crowd while adding the convenience of extra storage. Bad Dawg’s dry storage containers for the Commander are an excellent solution to keep your gear secure and dry while tearing it up on the trails.

RotopaX products are completely unique storage boxes in that they are made to lock together.  Each Rotopax unit is proudly made in the USA by the original manufacturer of the 1st generation fuel and water packs. Each RotopaX box is Rotation Molded, a process which produces indisputably superior products. They are designed to carry extra gear on long hauls, and the RotopaX thick walls and and stronger construction helps each box work as hard as you do. These packs makes it easy to store your lunch, jacket, gloves, tool kit, and other gear, without the bulk of a large cargo box. Each RotopaX is a 2 gallon storage container that can be locked together to create a spacious 4 gallon pack. It is easy to mix and match any of these 2 gallon packs, so there are an almost endless list of storage combinations available. Each 2 gallon pack comes with 1 clip for locking functionality. Storage solutions are among the most useful Can Am Commander accessories you can add to your vehicle.