Study in Korea: A Complete guide for you

Korean study abroad center

Studying abroad is on top in the wish-list of students. To get expertise in your field, experience a new culture, finding new career opportunities are the main reasons why students want to study abroad. There are lots of places to consider to study abroad. USA, China, Korea, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia are the top countries which are attracting students to study courses related to Medical, Management, Pharmacy, Information Technology, etc.

Korea is one of the major countries where students wants to go for further studies. Korea has reformed its rules and regulations in recent years to attract foreign students and it is providing good quality education from last 12 years. From 2015, a rise of 300% is seen in Vietnamese students who are coming to study in Korea. With this, Korea is now far ahead from educational hubs like Japan, and China.

By knowing these stats, you must be thinking to study abroad and plan your education in Korea. There are lots of Korean study abroad center that can help you out with your queries. These study center have helped thousands of students who wanted to go abroad for study.

10 years back, it was very hard to study abroad as the education was quite expensive and children of high-income family were only able to study abroad. There were few scholarship back then, that student could have taken advantage of. But now there are many scholarships you can get based on your academic performance.

Requirements to study in Korea –

  • Grades and Academic Score

You should have scored a 6.0 or higher if you aspire to study in Korea. Some of the renowned universities require academic scores more than 7.0 because they have very limited seats available there.

  • Financial Requirements

The financial requirements may vary from university to university. You will need an average of 12000 USD per year.

  • Health Conditions

You should not be suffering from diseases like HIV or tuberculosis. Some of you might be thinking is there any other requirements like height or weight. Well, no for now.

  • Certifications

You do not need any Korean certificate while applying Visa for Korea but you need to show that you are practicing Korean language for communication.

Before applying for Visa, you need to complete application process of the university in which you want to take admission. They will take an interview of you that will be generally based on why you want to study in Korea, what are your expectations, what are your goals, etc. After that you will get a confirmation mail if you got selected. You will also receive invitation code that will be needed to issue your Visa.

Go for some best Korean study abroad center that will help you regarding education in Korea. They will guide you to choose perfect school according to your aspirations, conditions, and strength.