Successful Business Planning For Consistent Growth In The US Beauty Industry

Business planning is crucial for the success and growth of any company in the world today. The success and popularity of a business depends upon the strategies and campaigns deployed to attract the targeted audience and generate more returns on investment. The business planner has to undertake the responsibility of both success and failure of the plan. All the loopholes of the business should be addressed and the plan implemented at the proper time.

In the American beauty and cosmetic history, there is however one key person who has had back to back success with all his business plans for the Company that he represents- William Lauder. He is the scion of The Estee Lauder Family. Mrs Estee Lauder is the founder of the premium beauty, skincare and cosmetic company The Estee Lauder Corporation. The name of her Company has reached all four corners of the world. It is one of the top quality companies in the beauty industry that is the first choice not only for people in America but across the globe too!

The key person who has played a vital role to make the Company immensely popular is William Lauder. He has impressive business strategic skills and his innovative campaigns have really brought in a lot of success to the Company’s international brand image today. The Estee Lauder Corporation products and brands managed to grab international limelight and recognition thanks to the hard work and the sincere efforts of William Lauder. It was under him that the unique concept of a store within a store was created. He managed to make all the brands he controlled international best sellers across the globe. He managed the retail, marketing and distribution chains effectively. The growth of the Company was phenomenal!

William Lauder also looked after the digital marketing operations of the Company as well. He felt the need to engage customers in the online activities of the company. This gave them the personal touch. Customers for the first time got the taste of a beauty, skincare and cosmetic company that really took their feedback into account. This was one of the first beauty companies to address their queries and concerns. Every time, a product or brand was made better and customers loved the trust and quality the Company invoked. William Lauder sincerely devoted all his business skills and experience to make The Estee Lauder Corporation- a benchmark company most global companies in the beauty industry inculcate and follow even to this day!