Summer Makeup Trends For 2012

Get those cosmetic brush bags ready and learn what makeup to wear and apply this summer.

Doll-Like Prettiness

Doll-like prettiness dominated the catwalk scene this summer. It completed many spring/summer collections with its pretty and sweet colors. To get the look, apply a gentle blush to create a dewy skin appearance. Apply pretty pale pink lips and add those lashings of mascara. Others exaggerate the doll look by adding extra-long lashes and glossy pouts. Some beauty junkies even took the look to extremes by painting pink circles on cheeks.

Retro Glamour

Some runways on the other hand, took the classic glamour look. Glossy red lips, pristine skin and perfectly-lined eyes topped off with the curliest of eyelashes were the look of choice. The retro femininity was given a modern twist by applying a mixture of brown and black liquid eyeliners for added dramatic effect.

True Minimalism

Certain catwalks meanwhile, sported the natural look by applying minimal makeup. They only used concealer, powder, blush, and lips with only a coat of lip conditioner. Eyes were left completely bare.

Color Contouring

To get contoured color on the skin, some makeup artists for the runways used pressed powders in a shade darker than the skin. It created a warm, contoured look on the chin, cheeks and forehead. Instead of pressed powder, others used blush to contour at the cheekbones, eyes and temples, while others used the brightest of purples and pinks in layers to add a dramatic effect.

Brushed-Up Brows

Brushed-up and ruffled brows are no surprise. It is a catwalk favorite by many designers. It will continue to be a trend whatever season there is.

Bold Colored Eyes

While many catwalks used true minimalism in makeup, many still took on bright, bold colors. There were dramatic eyes with scarlet eye shadow swept from the inner eye socket towards the temples, energetic eyes with a range of vibrant hues beneath the brows, and colorful eyes with a bold strip painted from temple to temple.

Metallic Eyes

Metallic eyes are famous for putting a pep in a girl’s step. To get the look, apply a gold or silver leaf of eye shadow across the entire eyelid and brow. In one of the runways, the makeup artist took it more boldly by using a mother-of-pearl shimmer smoothed onto the eyes, temples and cheekbones.

Smoky Eyes

The raccoon style gives more drama than any other makeup styles. Use inky blue or deepest black to display a smudgy, sexy appeal. For morning makeup, use pretty taupe and brown shimmer, glossy brownish pink, or browns.

Cat-Like Eyes

Cat-like eyes provide an ultra-feminine look. Swoop black eyeliner and use false lashes at the corners of the eyes to create a pretty, cat-like look.

Wine-Stained Lips

Some runways took on deep burgundy pouts with “wine-stained, kissed” look using a darker shade at the inside of the lips. The two-tone effect can also be created in the prettiest of pinks.

Colored Lips

Perhaps not the best trend yet, but colored lips have been seen on runways. Some used the brightest of blue, fuchsia, and lime green. There were also lilacs, corals and bright, glittery, acid green.

Remember to use those makeup brushes lying inside cosmetic brush bags.

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