Summer Survival Guide – How To Beat The Heat!

Summer is the favourite time of the year for something like 99% of all people – at least, that’s what they say in winter! If you’re anything like me however, by mid June or early July you’re most likely traipsing round some hot, foreign country complaining about the heat and searching desperately for a patch of shade and a drinking fountain!

This summer, don’t let the weather spoil your tropical holiday! Here’s my guide to surviving the heat, whether you’re sunning yourself in the Bahamas or just braving the temperatures of a mini heat wave back home…

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1. Go Barefoot

The majority of your body’s heat is lost through the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands and your scalp. Ever noticed how you feel freezing in winter when your fingers and toes are numb? The opposite is true in summer, so keep these bits cold and your entire body will feel cooler!

I’m not suggesting you traipse around the streets barefoot, but at your hotel take off those flip flops and enjoy walking on the nice, cold tiles!

2. Stay Hydrated

You should be drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day anyway, but in summer this is more important then ever – in fact, 8 to 10 glasses is probably a better goal to keep in mind in hot weather!

If you’re dehydrated you risk suffering from heatstroke, or at best you’ll just end up with a terrible headache and a parched throat. So if you’re off sight-seeing, be sure to pack a big bottle of water in your bag or take plenty of cash for cafe stops throughout the day.

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3. Avoid The Midday Heat

Okay, so you’ve flown across the world to experience some lovely, hot weather for once – but this doesn’t mean you have to dive straight in and head outdoors at noon on the first day of your trip!

If you’ve just arrived, your skin isn’t used to the heat or the sunshine and you’re more likely to burn. The weather is just as great earlier in the morning (before 11am) and after the hottest hours (from 2pm onwards), plus you’ll avoid some of the bigger crowds!

Spend midday at the hotel or enjoying some delicious foreign cuisine at a local cafe, and head to the beach of the streets afterwards, especially for those first few days – once you’re used to the temperatures, you can venture out during those hotter hours.

4. Slather On the Sunscreen

Of course, just because your skin has ‘gotten used’ to the heat doesn’t mean it won’t burn! Sunburn greatly increases your risk of skin cancer, plus it’s just painful, annoying and leaves you looking like a giant prawn, so always slather it on!

You can get lightweight spray versions that are non-greasy and absord straight into the skin. When it comes to choosing the right SPF, always overestimate – it’s better to have too much protection than not enough! If you’re very fair skinned, freckly or prone to burning, start with SPF 45 for temperatures of 25 to 35 degrees celcius.

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5. Wear Natural Fabrics

Many man-made fabrics such as polyester and nylon will not let your skin breathe, causing you to sweat – and that’s neither sexy nor comfortable!

Wear loose-fitting clothes to let air circulate, and choose natural fabrics such as silk, cotton or linen that let the air pass through to your skin. If you’re having trouble sleeping, some lightweight cotton or silk pyjamas could make all the difference!

Michelle Star is a blogger for Idlewild London who’s currently enjoying the sunshine in Spain. When not writing for them, she’s lounging around the house in her luxury silk pyjamas or heading to the beach for a swim in the sea!