Sun Seekers: Go On Holiday For Less!

If you want to escape the British weather and have a holiday in the sun then you can do it without breaking the bank. For those with children, going on holiday during the school holidays can be expensive but there are plenty of ways you can save money before you go and when you get to your destination.

Late Booking and Flexibility

Even during the school holidays there are savings to be made on holidays to countries such as Spain and Greece and there are still some holidays available with free kids’ places. In addition, if you visit Europe you will benefit from the weak euro, so you will have more money to spend when you are there. Alternatively, holidays to countries outside the eurozone such as Turkey and Tunisia have always been good value for money.

If you want to go away in the school holidays it is important to be flexible about destination and the time you go. To get the best deals, you may have to go to a country you would not normally have thought of visiting and also be flexible about when you go. There are better deals available for midweek departures and flights at unsociable hours so these are things to consider if you want to save some money.

Additional Savings

Before you book, shop around and visit your local travel agent as well as looking on the internet. If you find a good deal online then go into your local travel agent and see whether they can match or better it.

Exchange your currency before you leave the UK as you will get a much better rate than changing money while you are away and are less likely to have to pay commission. However, it is always best to avoid changing money at the airport as this can be expensive.

There are a couple of other things you can do to save money before you go. Getting a lift to the airport will save on airport parking and packing less so that you don’t need an additional baggage allowance will also bring down costs.

Saving Money While You Are Away

Many resorts in Europe have reduced the prices of food and drink, but it is worth venturing out to nearby towns and villages to eat and drink with the locals. This is likely to provide better quality and also be better value. If you are self-catering, visiting the main supermarkets and haggling in the local markets will be cheaper than shopping at smaller ‘in-resort’ shops.

Check with your travel agent whether you have to pay extra for activities. If they are all included then this is a bonus. Your agent may also be able to provide you with good deals on excursions so this is also worth considering.

Wherever you choose to go on your holiday, there are ways to save money both before you leave and when you arrive at your destination. And being budget conscious won’t prevent you from having a great time.

Zoe is a finance blogger who is always looking for ways to save money. This article has been written on behalf of SO Switch.