Surprise The Play Group – Mommy and Me in Designer Faux Tats

Having a baby is an experience like no other. This life-changing event brings with it plenty of challenges. It also brings unlimited joy and happiness. New mothers should take advantage of the special bonding time with their new baby. There are all kinds of new and different activities to consider to bond with your baby.

For the fashion forward mother, choosing matching outfits to coordinate with their little fashionistas can be a fun activity. Another fun idea to consider is matching the best temporary tattoos on mommy and baby. Because they are not real, they pose no safety issues. There is no danger of infection or needing to go through painful removal procedures. Below are some ideas to consider with regard to temporary tattoos for babies and moms to enjoy.


Many people have the names of loved ones or mentors tattooed on their bodies. Unlike romantic partners, having a child’s name tattooed on a mom’s body usually poses no regret later. Name tattoos can range from simple block letters to lovely scripts and more elaborate designs with the names in the center, such as with a heart or a flower. However, any suitable and meaningful object would be appropriate to place baby’s name.

Foot and Hand Prints

Many baby books encourage moms to put a hand or footprint on the page to commemorate baby’s birth and to track the wonder of growth. Not only are hand and footprints one of a kind, but they are easy to do as well. Tattoo artists are able to transfer the print from non-toxic ink on paper to use as a fake tattoo template. Many people add their baby’s name and date of birth under the image as well.


Those into astrology often choose a faux tattoo with the name and astrological sign. While it can be rather whimsical, it still holds meaning in memorializing the birth of a baby. There are many astrological illustrations to choose from.


Pop culture lends itself to faux tattoos. When it comes to babies and moms, one of the most interesting tattoos concern holidays and other events. For instance, consider dressing for Halloween and using faux tattoos as part of the costume, such as for pirates. When older babies identify with a favorite character, consider having temporary tattoos created to share with them.


For those who want to go all out, an image of a baby’s portrait would be a real attention getter. This is one of the more unique faux tattoos, since they are the most personal. However, some thought needs to be put into the size to get the details done correctly. Also, portrait tattoos are best when a child is just before or at the one-year mark so that their features show.

Just like other mommy and me activities, getting similar temporary tattoos with your little one can provide a bonding experience like no other. Faux tattoos are also a fun way to make a non-lasting mark with a symbol that has meaning for babies and mothers.

Debbie Nguyen is a freelance designer and blogger. The idea of a real tattoo has always been too scary for her. Designing and getting the best temporary tattoos applied seems like a more viable solution for artistic self-expression.