Swarovski Crystal Class For Elegant Eveningwear

While casual bracelets make brilliant go-to fashion accessories for everyday dress, a refined, more formal bracelet is a great companion for those special occasions when you really want an outfit to dazzle.  Sparkling crystal bracelets make a brilliant accessory to dark coloured eveningwear. The vibrancy of the crystals will brighten up your little black dress by striking a classy, sophisticated contrast.

With this in mind, let’s turn to Swarovski’s defining range of stylish, crystal bracelets. These fantastically feminine bracelets, adorned with alluring crystals, would sit perfectly with cocktail dresses and are ideal when you really want to look your best.

This Swarovski Crystal Edith Bangle is a gorgeously glamorous piece of jewellery. Two bands of brilliant crystals cross in this beautifully designed bracelet to create an eye-catching piece with an elegant shape. This stunning bangle would make a fantastic accompaniment to a black cocktail dress, though the vibrancy of its crystals will bring a sparkle to any outfit.

This Swarovski Nightingale Bracelet is a dainty, delicate piece that conveys perfect feminine charm. This is a lovely, uplifting design that would make a beautiful accessory to any daytime outfit, but which is classy and pretty enough to bring a touch of charm to an evening ensemble, too. The three butterflies that decorate the bracelet feature dazzling Swarovski crystals and guarantee to bring a flutter of fashion to any wardrobe.

The aptly named Swarovski Night Time Bracelet is a stunningly designed piece featuring amazing Swarovski crystals. Speaking of sublime fashion taste and sophisticated taste, this is a mesmerising bracelet guaranteed to turn heads. A perfect companion to more formal eveningwear, the Night Time Bracelet looks magical in the moonlight, too!

If you’re looking for something to really set you apart from the crowd, the dazzling navette cut of the crystals in this Scaly Cuff bracelet is sure to please. This is a shimmering bracelet that will ensure all eyes are on you, Swarovski’s take on crystal jewellery for those who like to be at the centre of attention and the pinnacle of fashion.

A showcase of Swarovski’s wonderful crystal cut designs based around a beautiful array of shapes, this Crystal Mineral bracelet is a definite showstopper that would make a fantastic centrepiece to any bracelet collection. The variation of shape and size in this bracelet gives it a wonderfully natural feel that speaks of effortless elegance and boasts of style in volumes. Try coupling it with your favourite black dress for a truly unbeatable fashion combination.

Jewellery can make the difference between a good outfit and a great one, and is often the extra detail that really brings a look together. Swarovski crystal bracelets are the perfect accompaniment to those special occasions. On nights to remember, Swarovski brings you style that is unforgettable.

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