Swiss Weekend: 5 Spots To Enjoy Sunday Brunch In Zurich

Swiss Weekend: 5 Spots To Enjoy Sunday Brunch In Zurich

Brunch is a nice solution for those who like to wake up later and don’t have enough time for breakfast. Sunday brunch is a very popular event throughout Europe, and Zurich is not an exception. Considering that most of the establishments and shops are closed on Sunday, brunch is an excellent alternative for those who had a good rest last night and got out of bed closer to noon. However, brunch is also an opportunity to meet with friends and spend time enjoying food and conversations. So, check out the following spots in Zurich, which will be the best solution for a Sunday brunch…

Café des Amis

Everything is very French there: relaxed atmosphere, simple but warm interior, charming service, fresh flowers on the tables, good coffee and a small menu. In short, it’s light, cozy and cute establishment. A typical breakfast on Sundays includes a croissant, pain au chocolat, cheese and coffee. Brunch for two persons is served on a silver shelf. The cafe is located in a residential area and has its own garden, where the terrace is open from May till September if the weather is nice. After having a hearty brunch, you can stroll along Limmat River, which leads to Bellevue and Lake Zurich. Advance reservation of the table is highly recommended.

Address: Nordstrasse 88, 8037 Zürich

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-12am, Saturday 9am-12am, Sunday 9am-6pm


For many years it has been one of the most popular culinary establishments in Zurich: the locals usually come there in the evening for dinner or just to sip a cocktail, and in the morning they visit it again for breakfast. Brunch in the Forum with champagne is the best way to enjoy the city. It lasts until six in the evening, and the menu is a motley mix of dishes from different countries. You can try omelet with Greek feta, enjoy Swiss mountain meat and cheeses, or take American pancakes with maple syrup. Tables in Forum are usually reserved in advance, because the number of the orders is much greater on the weekends. It’s even noisy on Sundays. In addition, Forum provides a special menu for kids – chicken nuggets and fried potatoes. The brunch is held on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays, starting at ten in the morning.

Address: Badenerstrasse 120, 8004 Zürich

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-12am, Saturday 10am-3am, Sunday 10am-12am


Iroquois is an excellent spot for the fans of American cuisine. Beagles, a California croissant with avocado and burgers are available. The interior of the restaurant is very impressive: Iroquois could indeed be located somewhere in the southwest of the United States. In summer, there is a terrace, where it’s nice to have a brunch and enjoy the sun, lazily watching the relaxed pace of the city. In addition, two steps away from the restaurant you can find the opera house and Bellevue – your breakfast can be easily combined with tourist walks. Iroquois is popular among sports fans – the main events of the sports world are broadcast there daily. In the pre-Christmas period everyone can enjoy homemade mulled wine absolutely for free. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from nine in the morning until four in the evening.

Address: Seefeldstrasse 120, 8008 Zürich

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-12am, Saturday 9am-12am, Sunday 9am-6pm


This is an iconic establishment for Zurich. Bohemia had a significant impact on the local brunch scene. This is one of the first restaurants offering ‘à la carte’ Sunday brunch instead of a common buffet-style breakfast. Dishes from the brunch menu are very healthy: a pudding made of chia seeds, an omelet exclusively made of protein and traditional fruit muesli. What can be better after a long night of fun? Argentinean steak is provided for very hungry visitor. During the week and in the evenings, Bohemia turns into a grill restaurant and bar. Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays starts from nine in the morning and lasts until four in the evening.

Address: Klosbachstrasse 2, 8032 Zürich

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6.45am-12am, Saturday 9am-1am, Sunday 9am-12am

Maison Blunt

Perhaps, this is one of the most attractive spots in Zurich for the fans of brunch – that is why it’s always crowded on weekend. At first glance, the restaurant doesn’t look oriental, but it’s only before you check out its menu. Moroccan omelet, hummus, couscous and pita are served there. For those who are skeptical about the eastern Meuse, Maison Blunt also offers classic breakfast options and traditional Swiss Sunday bread Zopf. Maison Blunt is an atypical Zurich brunch café: breakfast is served there every day until four in the evening and is suitable for any budget.

Address: Gasometerstrasse 5, 8005 Zürich

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-12am, Friday-Saturday 8am-1am, Sunday 8am-11pm

Sunday brunch is a great way to relax after exhausting sightseeing or night entertainments in Zurich. Each of these establishments offers tasty cuisine, warm atmosphere and excellent service. Therefore, it’s recommended to visit any of them while visiting Zurich on weekend. You can take an advantage of Zurich car rental in order to find the best brunch spot hassle-free.

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