Drones are receiving more and more widespread with each passing day as well as this is since more persons are now conscious of the features a drone has to proffer. While some usage a drone for entertaining purposes, using it for a casual plus occasional spin, performing the flying skills, others tend to be more skilled and professional around it, engaging in severe aerial photography plus videography through drone racing plus the likes. The drone in query here, Syma X56W, is one device destined for entertaining purposes.

This is a somewhat powerful product that derives with a good plus reliable build. It comes through an 8 MP camera that captures good pictures from mid-air, however the imposing part about this drone is the extensive battery life of 12 minutes which is additional than average.

Like any other widespread models on the marketplace, this quadcopter moreover has received a lot of optimistic feedback from the consumers. First, it is a prepared-to-fly kit which comprises all the essential components counting a case for the camera. The device has been very elegantly designed giving it a compacted structure through all the significant parts encircled in suitable casings.

All in all, taking this drone out for a spin is fairly fun, particularly if you distinguish that it can simply take on mild shocks plus collisions? But first, let us take a deeper look at the build materials plus performance.


When we talk around the design of the Syma X56W, this product stances out rather well. It derives with a very elegant and effective body which comprises an enclosed battery section, motors, and gears.

Furthermore, there are furthermore some surrounded LED lights that aid in navigation, particularly at night. The battery section has turned out to be actual spacious and it can house the 2000 mAh battery actual easily. Though, it must be handled with caution such that the wires are not affected.

There is a 6 axis Gyro that derives with the drone together with a 3D lock system. This creates it additional organized as well as more accomplished of using the power of the device. Also, the blade protectors that derive with the drone are completed from high-quality plastic such that the blades do not experience any wear plus tear during the flight. This creates the blades own anti-collision plus anti-fall performance features.

Drones are accessible in diverse forms, sizes plus price ranges. It is significant to know the resolve of using the drone beforehand you really get it. In the case of the Syma Multicopter, it is mostly used for entertaining purposes wherever the user can have some hands-on skill in flying these unmanned airborne vehicles. The camera is decent enough to get you several crisp shots and videos.