Symptoms Of ADHD That Parents Should Be Aware Of

Parents should be aware of the possible ADHD symptoms. When they see hyperactivity, restlessness and constant motion, their children could be affected by the condition. Other symptoms are children’s inability to stay quiet and they run all the time. When doctors confirm the condition, it is important for parents to treat their children immediately. ADHD is caused by chemical imbalance in children’s brain.

This causes impulsivity and inattention, which are two basic symptoms of ADHD. This disorder has been around for ages and not a modern phenomenon. Hippocrates described people with similar symptoms on 350BC. Despite their restlessness, many children with ADHD are actually quite intelligent, funny and bright. Many of them grow into successful individuals with amazing, fulfilling lives.

However, symptoms of ADHD can be invisible and the society can find hard to accept their symptoms. Unfortunately due to their hyperactivity and restlessness, many ADHD children are vulnerable to injury and accident. They may have broken arm or leg more often than typical children. The combination of impulsiveness and feeling of lack of attention may mean that they can do things that other children don’t.

Boys are three times more likely to experience ADHD. However, girls could have a different form of ADHD, which is more about distractability and inattentiveness. Symptoms of this condition could go unnoticed, because girls could simply “daydream” more than the others. Girls with ADHD may not be as active as boys with the same condition, they are just extremely easy to get distracted and have problem with focusing on one thing.

Also, girls with this condition are less likely to have social problems that are associated with impulsiveness and hyperactivity.

If we suspect that our children may have possible symptoms of ADHD, it is important to go the doctor and obtain proper diagnosis. We could ask reference from the family doctor for professionals who can diagnose and treat the condition. Before choosing psychiatrists or paediatricians, we should check their records in handling ADHD. After they make the diagnosis, we should make sure to consider all the possible treatment options.

Drugs are not the only solution available for our children and standard approaches could benefit them more. Parents may also consider behaviour therapies and homeopathic remedies, because they are far safer than drugs and other options.

Overall, parents shouldn’t be too concerned if they find out that their children have ADHD. The condition is treatable and it is very possible for children to grow as normal adults. However, patience is always the key and parents should have the strength to guide their children. It is important to follow all the advices provided by the specialists and because it is the most effective to get our children treated.

ADHD has affected millions of children around and there are many success stories. Parents could see their children perform quite well in the school. It is also possible to direct children’s hyperactivity and impulsiveness into productive physical activities, such as sports.