Symptoms Of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious and potentially life-threatening issue that affects more than just the addict. The children, parents, friends and colleagues of a drug addict also have to deal with the changes in the addict’s character and mindset. A person who is addicted to drugs may not be willing to receive treatment initially, and this can be scary for his/her loved ones, because it indicates that the addict is truly in need of rehabilitation. If you suspect that your relative or friend has become addicted to drugs, here are a few signs to look for so you can find a drug rehab in Mississauga facility right away.

If you notice that your friend wants to be alone much more often than usual, this could be a sign that he/she is using drugs. This may especially be the case if your friend is normally very social and outgoing. Also, if you see that your normally reserved and quiet friend is suddenly the life of the party at social gatherings, this sudden change in mood could be an indicator of drug use. Drug abuse can also occur when a person has experienced a traumatic event in life and doesn’t know how to cope with the tragedy. If you know that a relative or friend of yours has recently been through a bad breakup, experienced domestic violence, has been abused or molested, or has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder in the past, this can increase the risk of drug use.

Drug use also inhibits a person’s ability to handle the normal stresses of life. While some people turn to drugs as a way to cope with stress, the substances can make people extremely nervous and anxious. Some people will have bouts of anger and go into fits of rage over the smallest of issues. Other people will experience insomnia or start to sleep excessively due to drug use, which could cause them to significantly underperform at work or school.

The nervous and immune systems are also affected by drug use. You may find that your friend or loved one is constantly getting sick, or begins to look sickly and becomes extremely over or underweight. Drug abuse can also lead to health conditions such as heart attacks and strokes, and can severely affect the addict’s blood pressure and ability to fight off infections.

When you see these symptoms in your relative, especially more than once, it’s time to contact a specialist or therapist who can help. It’s important to treat drug addiction as soon as possible, since the disease gets progressively worse and could result in conditions that are very difficult or impossible to reverse.

After you get in touch with a drug rehab in Mississauga facility, you and your family may need to sit down with the psychotherapy and medical staff to determine the best treatment path. It may be necessary for your loved one to take prescription medications for a certain period of time to alleviate some of the physical pain and psychological shock that will come from withdrawing from harmful substances. After this period, a more holistic approach, which will help the addict to make lifestyle choices and form relationships that will support his/her sobriety.