T-Shirt Bra: A Practical Yet Stylish Bra

One of the most popular kinds of bra is the t-shirt bra.  However, t-shirt bras may not be as plain as its name.  In fact they are one of the most versatile type of brassiere that any women would love to have.  They are perfect under any type of clothing. There are several reasons why a t-shirt bra is one of the most sought after piece of intimate apparel.

The first one is because they are seamless and therefore they eliminate unsightly bra lines under tight body hugging t-shirts or any thin clothing.  They are very comfortable especially if they are made out of microfiber or cotton fabric, which keeps the skin around the breasts cool and dry. Nowadays there are “convertible” t-shirts bras, which can be worn under any kind of top because these types of t-shift bra have detachable or changeable straps.  A convertible t-shirt bra can be worn in different ways and simply adjusting and changing the position of the straps it can be worn as crossover, one-shoulder bra, strapless or halter.  Therefore, one t-shirt bra can be worn under tube tops, baby dolls, spaghetti-strapped tops and etcetera, which makes it very practical.
T-shirt bras may also come in various forms.  The most popular and most loved by women is the push up t-shirt bra, which instantly makes your breasts look fuller under a tight fitting shirt.   These types may also have removable inserts which lets you have more control with how “va-va-voom” you want your breasts to look.  It can also be made with demi-cups or with a balconnette style so it can be worn under shirts or tops with low and wide necklines.  On the other hand, if you simply want support and comfort, there are t-shirt bras that have no pads.  Whatever style these t-shirts bras may be made with, they can perfectly go with your basic tees.
Furthermore, just because these bras could not be made with lace and do not usually have ruffles and bold accents, it doesn’t mean that t-shirts bras can should only stick with plain colors.  While most women would prefer these bras in nude, black or white, there are t-shirt bras that are available in bold and hot colors.  There are also those that are made with bold prints and patterns.  Therefore, with the added seamless feature, you can still feel bold and daring in a t-shirt bra with animal print or feel sweet and charming with the one that has candy colors and hearty designs.
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