Top 10 Places To Visit In Croatia

Croatia is a highly popular country in which to spend time. Warm temperatures, clear blue waters, and friendly residents make this location ideal for vacations throughout the year. Croatia boasts many interesting landmarks and attractions, and its picturesque scenery and historically important cities and archaeological sites make it well worth a visit. Below are some… Continue reading Top 10 Places To Visit In Croatia

Things To Do & Look For When Visiting Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia is also referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Frequented by tourists, it is virtually intact since its completion in the thirteenth century. If you are wondering of some of the best things visitors can experience there, then this post will answer all your questions. Please read along to find out more.… Continue reading Things To Do & Look For When Visiting Dubrovnik

The Heart-shaped Island Galesnjak

The earth is widely known to have numerous wonderful creations, majority of them being beautiful to behold. From its varying natural features like the magnificent natural landscapes to the man-made features all over , there’s no doubt that it’s an amazing planet with wonders that never cease. Among some of its amazing features that support… Continue reading The Heart-shaped Island Galesnjak

Exploring The Hidden Gem Of Europe

The European continent is one of the regions that receives most tourists especially around the summer. Apart from the modernity it exhibits, its culture has not been buried to be forgotten, rather, it has been embraced as a way of conserving its beautiful historic and religious background. With so many tourist destinations within this content,… Continue reading Exploring The Hidden Gem Of Europe

Exploring King’s Landing in Real Life

Intro The locations and scenery of Game of Thrones have captivated fans almost as much as the action and characters and this has meant big business for the areas used as travellers flock to see the real thing. Top of the list for most is Dubrovnik, Croatia, the home of King’s Landing. Naturally, the production… Continue reading Exploring King’s Landing in Real Life