Take An Artistic Tour Of The Island Of Aruba With These 3 Native Artists

When our daydreams wander into tropical settings, we think of beautiful Caribbean islands and invariably the vibrant colors of the water, the exotic flora and a rainbow of native clothing fill our imaginations.

Fortunately we aren’t limited to picture postcards to capture these images; artists throughout the Caribbean Islands are continually being inspired by their surroundings and expressing themselves in paintings and through photography, just to name a two media.

Perhaps one of the most exciting art scenes today is on Aruba. When taking a break from the beach, visitors to Aruba should definitely explore some galleries and envision the island through the unique perspective of several local artists. It will deepen their appreciation and understanding of Aruba’s beauty and also provide a chance to take a little bit of the island back home with them.

Let’s look at these three native artists to begin our tour.

Vanessa Paulina

Vanessa Paulina has devoted much of her work to recapturing her memories of the Caribbean Islands she experienced as a child. It was a mystical and magical place and her heartfelt work expresses those feelings along with a sense of innocence and happiness.

“I capture thoughts, colors, sensations and fragrances of my experiences living in that spiritual and enchanting world. Growing up I talked to the animals: dogs, cats, birds, chickens, donkeys, lizards, trees and flowers,” the artist explains.

Jane Getty

Jane Getty was a graduate of Aruba’s Seroe Colorado High School and went on to earn her bachelor of fine arts degree at Ohio University. The translucent colors of the Caribbean lend themselves very well to water colors, which is Getty’s preferred medium. She gives us the various moods of the ocean as well as anyone working in the area today.

Reflecting on her younger years in Aruba, Getty says, shares that she watched the men go to sea to fish and was mesmerized by the motion of boats rising and falling in the waves. The Caribbean was always changing color to her eyes, and she was exhilerated and inspired by the wind.

As you enjoy Getty’s work you’ll also discover that she loves to explore the flora of her native island. Some of her detailed works, like La Dama di Noche, will remind you just a bit of Georgia O’Keeffe, another artist who is closely associated with the land she called home.

Gustave Nouel

In some ways Gustave Nouel is a link between the masters of the Dutch Golden Age of painting, like Vermeer and Frans Hals, and the contemporary Aruban art scene. This is natural because since the early 1600s Aruba has been politically tied to the Netherlands and the cultures have been influencing each other for almost 400 years. Nouel is just as comfortable painting somewhat formal portraits as he is at capturing scenes of Aruban nightlife or natural scenery.

Another project of Noule’s that echos the old masters is his “New Biblical Art.” Along with painting, Nouel is also a graphic designer, sculptor and performance visual artist.

These three are, of course, not the only talented artists interpreting both the natural side and the human/cultural side of Aruba today. You’ll also find names like Elvis Tromp, Nadine Salas, Eefje Van Twillert, Elvis Lopez, Osaira Muyale and others as you explore the art of Aruba. Each has something unique to say.

Meg Jones loves the artistry God showed when He created the islands and discovering new talented artists that find ways of portraying what they see and feel through their respective mediums.   Oceania Aruba is a perfect location to experience both, with it’s upscale condos right on the beach; perfect solitude and peace.