Take The Hassle Out Of Calling A Customer Service Telephone Line

Calling customer service can sometimes seem like entering the circles of hell, with different numbers to choose and decisions to be made left right and centre. This is often unavoidable, but making sure you are ready when someone answers can make everything run much more smoothly and you will be out of the call quickly and making room for the next in the queue.

So here are our tops tips for as hassle a free a call as possible so you can spend your time on more enjoyable things.

#1 – make a note of any numbers you need to quote

If you have a membership number, an order number, a tracking number or something of that kind, write it down in nice big letters on a clean sheet of paper. If you need glasses, this is particularly important. Don’t wait until you are in the call to start trying to decipher a form or a letter – if you need to call you should at least have these basics to hand.

Most customer service telephone line operators are able to look you up but why make it difficult for everyone? The sooner they know who you are and what’s happening, the sooner they can sort out your query or problem.

#2 – be civil but don’t waffle

There is no need to be abrupt but there is also no need to spend ten minutes talking about the weather. If an operator asks how you are it is doubtful that they want to know about your recent gall bladder surgery. Exchange brief pleasantries and then get down to solving your problem. If you know the date which is involved in the issue, say it clearly, not mixed up with phrases like ‘a week ago Tuesday’ because sometimes this kind of thing means different things to different people and isn’t helpful at all.

#3 – call from a decent phone

If possible, call from a nice clear landline but if all you have is a mobile, don’t call from the middle of a busy street. It gets very frustrating if neither you nor the operator can hear each other and if details are taken down wrongly it can make an already complicated situation far worse. If you have a pay as you go mobile, make sure you have plenty of credit but if you think it may run out, give your number to the operator.

Most companies are happy to phone back if it becomes necessary and it is certainly better than going back to the back of the queue.

#4 – don’t lose your temper

Perhaps this should be #1 because it is no use getting angry with anyone from customer services. It won’t progress anything and may result in the call being ended by the operator. Staying calm and stating the facts is a much more likely way to get your query addressed than shouting and if you ever need to go back later, having a recording of an abusive call from you will stand you in very poor stead indeed.

Article by Rebecca Fearn, a freelance copywriter who often writes for Every Contact Number.