Take The Stress Out Of Patio Installation With These Tips

Many homes today are built with a small, rectangular-shaped patio made out of concrete. This may be enough space to place a grill and a small table set, but the use of this space may be limited for a number of reasons. The small size of the space, for example, may make it unsuitable for outdoor entertaining. The lack of a roof over the patio space may decrease your ability to use the patio except on the most beautiful of days. By installing a beautiful patio, you can enjoy a larger, covered space that is ideal for more enhanced purposes. Before you get started, however, there are a few points to consider.

1. The Right Materials

There are various materials that you can use for your outdoor patio space. The materials you select will affect the style of your finished patio as well as its durability and maintenance requirements. For example, Colorbond steel can be installed with almost any size and shape of patio. The steel is durable and can be colour-matched to correspond with your home’s existing colour scheme. Furthermore, this material may be more weather-resistant and can reflect heat away from the home in the summer. Another of the many options to consider is a multi-cell sheeting material. This is a highly durable type of sheeting that is used in both commercial and residential settings, and it is designed to allow some natural light to filter through while also minimizing heat from the sun.

2. Different Construction Methods

In addition to the different materials available, it is also important to consider different construction methods that can be used. The construction method generally should correspond with the home in terms of style, but the shape of the home’s roofline and other structural features may limit the design options available to choose from. Some examples include a flat line, a gable roof, dome, pyramid and others.

3. Approval from Building Authorities

You may also consider the need to obtain approval from your local council before you begin the project. This may require some research on your part, and council requirements can and do vary greatly between shires. Obtaining approval before you begin the process is imperative, as authorities often have requirements and rules regarding the colour, size, shape and even materials that can be used.

If you have decided to install an outdoor patio on your property, you should consider the benefits associated with working with a decking and patio contractor. A contractor can help you to learn more about the approval you need from various authorities, and he can provide you with expert guidance regarding the design and materials that may be best suited for your home and your specific needs. These contractors will often take care of all approvals on your behalf – a massive time saver! With the services of a contractor, your new patio can be installed with ease and typically within a few weeks. By getting started today, you could be enjoying the use of your patio very soon.

This article was written by Marcus Fulker, owner of Great Aussie Patios, multi-award winning patio installers in Perth, Western Australia. Catch Marcus on Google+ here