Take Up A New Exciting Hobby

So London 2012 Olympics are over already, after all the hype and preparation leading up to it. Now many of us are left feeling lazy and bored with our own lives after seeing the amazing talents of our Olympic champions. So why not look up taking up a new fascinating hobby?! There are many hobbies out there for you to do, whether you are more active or intellectual there is a hobby for you! Here are some ideas for what you can take up:

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can be an amazing experience for you. You can show off in front of your family and friends about how many languages you really know. Not only does it just make you look fabulous but it will come in handy in the future when you book your holidays! Focus on learning a language from a country which you want to visit or already visit regularly, this will motivate you to keep learning the language as you know you can use it in the near future!


It may be that you believe you are more active than intellectual, if this is the case then maybe taking up a biking activity is for you? You can maybe introduce this idea to your family and friends and get a group of you to begin biking together. Not only will it get you more active and doing exercise, it will also allow you to see more of the world you live in! You can start by cycling local routes which you already know and when you’re a more confident cycler you can go explore further out!


You may have tried biking before and already know that it isn’t for you, whether it’s down to the fact you don’t enjoy it or you just simply cannot stay on the bike! Then maybe hiking is the new hobby for you! This is probably better as a group activity, as together you can go explore nearby countryside and wildlife, then build up to bigger and further challenges!


Maybe neither active nor intellectual hobbies are for you. Well fishing could be the one hobby which you will enjoy. It gives you time to sit back and relax whilst you can catch some fish for dinner! You may not believe it, but fishing can be one of the most therapeutic hobbies going! Not only does it give you time to relax but you can find it is the perfect time to bond with a close friend, partner, or child.

Off Roading

Ok, so maybe I haven’t found your perfect hobby yet, maybe it’s because you are after something wild and an adrenaline pumping hobby. Then off roading is the one for you! There are hundreds of off roading clubs around the UK where you can meet people already taking up this hobby who can give you tips on getting it started!

Steve is an extreme sports person who loves to go off roading in his spare time for more information go to www.arbil4x4.co.uk