Taking Shortcuts To Lose Weight-The Takeaways

Taking Shortcuts To Lose Weight-The Takeaways

We live in highly competitive times where time to cook and eat is becoming limited. This leaves takeaways as our only option. They are not only affordable but also incredibly satisfying and conveniently alluring.

It is true that when it comes to weight loss, people resort to different means. These sometimes entail you to read countless user reviews of medicines and drugs that can help with weight loss. But what most of us don’t know is that curbing your fat intake from takeaways can give you better results!

As appealing as these takeaways are, they can incredibly undermine your effort to lose weight since they are heavy on fat and salts that are source for numerous diseases and health problems. But now you can turn takeaways into your ticket to get slim. All you have to do is change your orders to make space for healthier options.

Italian Takeaway

One of the most common Italian takeaways is the pizza. When ordering one, remember to opt for low fat toppings like ham, fish or vegetables since toppings are a significant source for fattening. As for the extra cheese on your pizza, you will have to forget it so that you don’t increase your fat content.

Secondly, go easy with the pasta dishes. If you can’t then it will be a good idea to opt for a sauce that is made from vegetables or tomatoes and not from cream. If you are ordering a dessert as well, then ask for a smaller main offering in your takeaway. For instance ask for appetizing starter pasta that comes with a side salad.

As for the garlic bread you should try bruschetta which is without any butter. It is made with the delicious ciabatta bread along with tomatoes and other herbs.

Chinese Takeaway

Chinese takeaway is one of the most popular takeaways as it is scrumptiously delicious and loved by all. But it can also be increasingly fattening so you need to check for those addictive prawn crackers that come with takeaways along with spring rolls. They are deep fried and high in calories. Also anything on the menu which is battered will be high in fat content, for instance sour and sweet pork.

So what can you eat since Chinese just can’t be resisted?

The best thing to do is rely on crab and corn soup, steamed vegetables, steamed dumplings, steamed fish and plain boiled rice along with chicken chop suey.

Thai Takeaway

When ordering Thai Takeaway it is important that you eat stir fried menu items. These will include fish, vegetable and chicken. If they are stir fried you can happily order them but it is the curries that you should avoid at all cost.

Thai curries are famous all over the world for their delicious taste and variety. There are some that are red while others are green in colour but all are heavily rich in coconut milk. Coconut milk is a high fat ingredient which means you will have to order food without any curry in it. If you are with friends and someone has already ordered a curry, try to eat it with egg fried rice.

Indian Takeaway

The trend of ordering Indian takeaway is quite popular. You can enjoy Indian takeaways by avoiding anything that is deep fried or creamy. Make sure that you choose those dishes that have tomato based sauces like madras and tandoori. Try to sample dishes that are made mainly from vegetables or dhal.

Burgers and Kebab

You should know that kebabs can be very fattening. If you really want to eat one it is a good idea to choose shish kebab since it is skewered and grilled, meaning it is far less reduced in fats.

Burgers make you fat. They come within big slices of buns and have fish or chicken patties that are either battered or breaded. Also don’t forget the sauces and other ingredients included that are high in fats. So in order to enjoy takeaway burgers without having to worry about extra weight, order a single patty hamburger without that extra slice of cheese.

Remember, only you can help yourself lose weight. If you don’t have time to cook, then use the aforementioned tips and order healthy food for your takeaways. Avoid fat rich food at all costs and try to exercise daily. Commit yourself to a fitness plan along with this dietary control and stay healthy.

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