Talisman Defined

A talisman is a symbol of good luck. This is generally a stone or ring that is inscribed with a message to bring luck, love and magic powers to the recipient. These are common in several cultures to share a variety of positive things with the person they give it to. This is worn on the body of the recipient and when worn will bring love, luck and protection to the person.


Attracting Love

Everyone wants to be loved, but with our busy lives, we often do not take a second to try and find it. Love talismans are something that can be used to attract love. The talisman is hand drawn on a piece of cloth that is white in color. The person hoping to get the effects must have this given to them and must wear it constantly, even when sleeping. Once receiving the talisman, there are different chants that can be chanted to help gain the power from the talisman.


Attracting Health

Without health we have very little. Many cultures also relate health to being a good person and strength. They see someone who falls ill as being punished for something or weak. While American culture doesn’t look at it this way, having good health is still critical to a full life. Having a religious official that does talismans create one for you is important to making it work. This should be created specifically for you and then presented to you by the creator.


Attracting Luck and Prosperity

Prosperity and luck are something we all with each other with each coming new year, but there are other ways to find these. Talismans are believed to aid in bringing you the luck and prosperity that you are vying for. Luck can bring simple things like not having your car break down on the way to work, to bigger things like getting into that college you have wanted to go to since you started high school. This talisman should be created by someone that understands them and their power and then given to you by them.


Attracting Success in Career

This is something that many people seek. They want to be recognized for their hard work and dedication and being successful is the ultimate reward. Success brings financial stability, satisfaction with oneself and an appreciation for the job that got them this success. A talisman can be used to attract the energy necessary for success. Like all talismans this should be created by someone like a Rabbi and then given to the person hoping for success in their career.