Teachers Seeks Instructional Strategies As STAAR Approaches

As more information is being released about the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), parents, administrators and teachers seem more confused and apprehensive than ever. As the first administration of this new test approaches quickly, people have more questions and concerns. Even teachers feel equally as unprepared as the parents who are hoping to guide their school-age children high scores. In Austin, the state Education Commissioner demanded more money for public schools in order to prepare educators and administrators for this new test.

Teaching strategies will help equip teachers of all grades taking the test—3rd through 8th grade—with the preparation activities and assessment required for success. Mentoring Minds offers a plethora of instructional strategies that aim to both educate teachers on the guidelines and requirements of STAAR and also suggest questions and projects students can work on in order to prepare for test day.
It’s no real surprise that teachers and parents are getting nervous about STAAR as it draws closer—it is the most difficult End of Course (EOC) exam in the state’s history. This is the fifth generation of state exams since the testing program began in Texas over 30 years ago. Not only do students need to garner high enough scores to graduate, but their score counts as 15 percent of their final grade in the course.
The added pressure that comes with STAAR should not discourage teachers, parents and administrators—instead, these leaders in education can rise to the challenge by seeking instructional strategies that will make testing day a lot easier.
Mentoring Minds offers teaching strategies for levels 1 through 8, with activities for students to individually, with a class group, and with their parents at home. Mentoring Minds has also dedicated an entire section of its website to STAAR, related products, recent news, and downloads. Educators and parents can explore the latest news with STAAR, find other websites that are helpful in preparing for the test, and follow an informational blog that aims to make all those involved with the new test—from parents and students, to teachers and administrators—comfortable and confident.
The product development team at Mentoring Minds has created this series of teaching strategies to demystify STAAR and ease the nerves of anyone who is nervous about the new test. While STAAR is a more rigorous and complicated test than ever before, that doesn’t mean that educators and their students can’t be equally ready and armed with tools for success.
Crawford writes about all levels of education and childhood development.  To find out more about critical thinking strategies pertinent to STAAR visit: http://www.mentoringminds.com