Ten Tips For Selecting An Online Guitar Lesson Service

The advantages of taking your guitar lessons online rather than in private are huge.  They are much more affordable, work with your time and schedule and you can learn any type of guitar and music.  The stress may come when you begin the search of choosing the online service that is right for you.

There are 100s of online guitar lessons.  Everything from YouTube videos to one on one personal lessons with a private instructor is offered.  The best way to find out what works for you is to give a few of the options a test drive.  To help narrow the search so that you start out with some of the better ones, check out online guitar lesson review sites.  Find out what people are saying and see which type of online services they are the happiest.

Online review sites tend to look at a great many of the sites available and narrow them down to the top 10 through side-by-side comparisons.  Another advantage to checking out the online review sites is you can often find coupons for a discount on an already competitively priced service.

Once you’ve looked around the Internet, read a few review sites and peeped into some of the online guitar lesson sites, it’s time to narrow down the choices.  Here are a few tips to help you make those decisions.

1.    Compare the sites side by side.  Look at the options they have available.  If the options work, then give each of the sites you are considering a try.  If they have a free trial, use it.  Don’t be afraid to take advantage of freebies in your attempts to find the best service for you.

2.    Check to make sure the sites you are considering have lessons for the model of guitar you want to play.  With so many online options available, there is no reason to be stuck with lessons for a guitar model you don’t want to learn.

3.    Look at the music options.  Do they have the style you want to learn?

4.    Does the site have many lessons or just a few?  Is the site adding new lessons and updating to stay fresh?  The more lessons the better or you will be hunting a new site once you have finished the lessons offered.

5.    Price comparison.  Does the site offer enough options to give you enough value for the price you pay?  Do they have free tools?  Does the site have a money back guarantee in case you don’t like the service?

6.    Does the site offer several different skill levels?  It should have lessons for beginners up to advanced as well as offering kids’ lessons.

7.    Is the site easy to use?  Is it laid out in a format that makes it easy to access everything?  Nothing can be more aggravating than a site that makes things complicated.

8.    Is support offered?  Can you easily contact someone if you have an issue or questions?  Is there an online forum for more support?

9.    What is the lesson format like?  Do you need to download the lessons, are they online, on DVD or in books or manuals?  If online videos are the option, are they high-quality?

10. Does the site have a high number of instructors?  The more instructors a site has, the better because it means more styles, more variety and more specialty lessons.  Everyone learns differently and every instructor teaches differently.  Having more instructors gives you the advantage of finding out who and what works for you and being able to get it all from one site rather than having to find a new one.

Put some thought into the online guitar lesson site you want to use.  Choosing wisely from the start leaves you with more time for learning instead of having to search down a new site when the current one doesn’t work.  Following these tips will help to make that search easier and have you playing in no time.

Justin Miller is a professional blogger that writes for Jamplay.com. JamPlay is a leading online music educator offering 2,000+ online advanced guitar lessons in HD.