Terminate Aging

In 2006 when I was commencing my 2 year plastic surgery residency, I was once told that in this obscure world one thing has always remained certain and that is death and taxes. My question is, what do you do with the rest of the insurmountable aspects of life? One of my biggest fears includes aging. For me, there is such a thing as getting too old. I fear that one day I would just wake up and not know who I am or end up frequently wetting the bed. This is a fear that is shared by many others who are clocking out of the mid years or even progressively aging due to stress.
Upon the release of the action studded Expendables 2, the world saw how Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Governor of California was able to maintain the same presence that he had achieved in his prime. Even though a lot of the stunts had to have been rigged with excessive use of CGI and action stunt doubles, you can tell that the last action hero has aged remarkably.

At 65, the human body surely is not able to handle such strenuous activity. The Hollywood star has admitted that it now takes longer to recuperate after having suffered from countless days of pain during the filming of the blockbuster sequel. While signs of aging can be seen in his physique the same cannot be said for his face. Arnold has very few wrinkles or facial lines yet he denies ever going under the knife. Yes, he claims that his aging is all legitimate and that he has never gone for botox treatment or any form of facial plastic surgery; his secret? …Laughter.
Many researchers believe that laughing regularly complimented with a healthy diet reduces signs of aging. Could the star have “terminated” his aging with a chuckle a day to keep the wrinkles away?  The possibility is very unlikely but we will grin and nod halfhearted out of respect for the former Governor.

So what should we expect to at age 65?

The skin around the neck is one of the prime targets of aging; one can develop what they call a “turkey neck” due to thinning of the skin and lack of collagen content. This damage can be enhanced by excessive exposure to the sun. You can try to slow it down by using prescription medicine but it eventually come back just like Mr. Schwarzenegger and his career.
If you can’t iron out those wrinkles, you might want to take drastic actions in the form of laser skin care surgery. It is one of the safest and most effective methods of plastic surgery. Unfortunately this alternative might not be applicable for individuals suffering from blown turkey neck as neither laser treatment nor can skin creams save you from the roasting pot.  Aging might not affect everyone in the same way but it’s good to know that there are things we can do to slow it down whether it’s organically or through surgery.
George Wyngaardt likes to encourage people to enjoy life and use botox when the time comes.