Thanks America – You Gave Us ‘The Prom’

America has given Britain many things: cheerleaders, McDonalds, Microsoft, Elvis and Krispy Kreme doughnuts (sorry, should that be donuts?). Evidence of one ‘export’ can be seen around June/July. All of a sudden the local roads are awash with limousines and young teenagers dressed up to the nines and looking way beyond their tender years. The prom has arrived. How did this happen?

The origins of the prom go back to the late 1800s when the event was held in colleges. The idea behind the prom was for parents to integrate their youngsters into the community and teach them good manners. By the early 1900s – the prom – shortened from the word ‘promenade’ – had transferred to high schools where youngsters were heavily chaperoned at these dinner and dance events

The prom typically takes place near the end of the last year of high school but preparations seem to start well in advance. There seem to be many unwritten rules between high school prom goers surrounding what is acceptable to be seen wearing, how you should arrive, who to be seen with etc.

The Dress Code
This seems to be the most important consideration – certainly for the girls. For the lads, a smart suit, shirt and tie is usually worn – begged, borrowed or bought. That’s it, they’re done. But for the girls there is so much choice it can be overwhelming. Do you go floaty ball gown in pastel shades or black, demure and figure hugging? If you go for backless – off the shoulder or spaghetti straps? Then you have underwear configurations to take into account. The golden rule, and one which on no account must be broken, is don’t be caught wearing the same dress as anyone else at the prom. This can involve many phone calls between friends and posting pictures of possible choices on Facebook before you have even set foot in a shop. Another rule seems to be that the dress should cost way beyond what would usually be considered reasonable (bearing in mind it will probably only be worn the once) and of course you will need matching shoes and clutch.

The Date
Of course, every girl wants to possess a boyfriend by the time the prom comes around, but failing that a good looking (boy) friend will do – or in their absence, just about any boy is better that no one at all. Of course, you then need to make sure your outfits don’t clash and you are photographed together by as many people as possible.

The Transport
For the rich kids with parents who own a prestige sports car, they are onto a winner. They just need to make sure daddy pulls up right outside the venue and as much time as possible is taken getting out of the car. There are many forms of transport which could be utilised to wow the crowds – milk float, tractor, flatbed truck with sofa on the back etc. – but certainly the most commonly seen is the stretch limo or Hummer. Luxury car hire has the advantage of accommodating many giggling, powdered and perfumed ladies at the one time.

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