The 3 Best TV Shows For Engineers And Creative People

Many people think of television as a vast wasteland filled with mindless entertainment and trashy reality shows. However, there is plenty of content for curious and intelligent individuals. Those that like developing new ideas, building, or testing the limits of what is possible will get hooked on the 3 best TV shows for engineers and creative people. These shows were chosen based on originality, entertainment and the value they delivered.

Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots 2.0
While “Robot Wars” provides more value than a typical action flick, it is just as addictive because of the destruction and fighting loaded into every episode. “Robot Wars” pits homemade robots against each other to see which designs will survive multiple challenges. Engineers will learn the thought process and mechanics that competitors used when building their killing machines. This is the only show that provides a fascinating look at homemade robotics and gives tips to enthusiasts who want to create their own robot. The robots typically navigate through obstacle courses and battle against house robots that are equipped with flames, chainsaws and other gadgets. This tests the limits of what is possible to produce moments of extreme triumph and great failure. It also adds plenty of carnage to the otherwise educational program.
Real Reality Television
You do not need the SyFy channel when you can watch as ideas that seem like science fiction come to life in “Extreme Engineering”. This show explores modern and future marvels of the engineering world. The early episodes ponder possible, futuristic projects like building a city in the sky or making an underground highway system. Newer episodes showcase an engineering project that is being constructed using new innovations. This show gives the audience an exclusive look at riveting projects and educates viewers about construction, engineering, and design. The show highlights several ways that engineering is being used to change human lives. One episode takes place in Australia as the continent tries to overcome terrible droughts by turning saltwater into fresh water. Another episode looks at the construction of a Swiss tunnel to allow people and goods to move through the Alps faster. Engineers or imaginative thinkers will love that every episodes focuses on ways that engineering and new technology is changing the world.
Fact or Fiction
Anyone who has ever needed to settle a bet, wondered about an urban legend or thought something in a TV show or movie had to be fake is grateful for “MythBusters”. This show answers questions that the public has been wondering by taking a unique, scientific approach to problem solving. The team tests everything from warnings about using a cell phone on a plane, what happens when mixing soda and pop rocks and whether a prisoner could escape pursuers. The show is the perfect outlet for creative types that cannot test many of the theories themselves. The crew works with chemicals, weapons, electronics, automobiles and more in a safe but realistic environment. The group either confirms or refutes a few scenarios in each episodes. If they cannot prove something, they speculate what it would take to get a confirmation or explain why something would be virtually impossible. The audience can make their own predictions, speculate along with the crew and submit ideas for future episodes.
Anyone who is tired of the usual drama and mediocre comedy television provides should look to these shows as an interesting solution. Each program explores something seldom seen on TV and provides many benefits. Viewers can learn while enjoying the show, become exposed to new ideas and get inspired.
Sal Davis is a structural engineering manager and guest author at, a site with guides to top-rated masters in engineering management degree programs online.