The 4 Coolest College Dorms In The US

College life is an interesting experience as one is surrounded by thousands of people of the same age-group. The chances of enjoying the full thrills of campus life are best featured when living within the institution. Therefore the type of dormitories is also as important as the performance levels and the tuition fee, or any other criteria used to select the best university to settle for. There are numerous universities in the US but only a few stand out when it comes to accommodation facilities.

Loyola Marymount University
Loyola Marymount University is a Roman Catholic university based in California, and among the five Marymount institutions of higher learning. Their dormitories have a reasonable amount of closet and drawer space. They also have different settings from, the quiet Sullivan to the beautiful newer apartments like the O’Malley. The location of most of these dorms is strategic to the ocean, giving a brilliant view of the Pacific.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private university located in Cambridge. This scientific and technological research institution features a dormitory which manifests an excellent architectural design that rhymes with its purpose. The ten-story Simons Hall has captured the hearts of many with its amazing makeup. It is punctuated by terraces and atria that incorporate music rooms, steel-level dining, a fitness center and a computer cluster. This building reflects light at daytime and glows with the interior lighting at night. It also has a playground-style pit that is filled with balls.

Bryn Mawr
Bryn Mawr College is a women’s institution that specializes in liberal arts, and is among the Seven Sister colleges. The dorms in this college are quite unique such as the Rockefeller Dormitory. Just like most of the things associated with the name Rockefeller, this dorm exhibits incredible beauty with a design that could easily make it be mistaken for a castle. All the rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, seat, set of drawers and other smaller details. A good number of rooms also feature fireplaces, seats and built-in bookcases. These rooms incorporate so many details that it would be wiser for the students to view them first before purchasing any accessories.

The College of William and Mary
The College of William and Mary is situated at the heart of Williamsburg in Virginia. The origin of this university dates back to 1693 during the reign of King William III and Queen Mary II. This is the second oldest university in the US, after Harvard, aside from featuring one of the best dormitories. There are a variety of housing options in this university to meet the various interests from quads and singles to freshmen and grads to suites and apartments. Whether it is the Castle on the Hill, the DuPont Complex or the fascinating ancient Barrette Hall, there is always an interesting aspect in each of the dormitories. Jamestown dormitories are amazingly beautiful and spacious with air conditioning. There are also sorority houses that are considered part of on-campus housing, which feature a gorgeous historical feel. All the dormitories have comfortable common areas with a microwave, stove, TV, fireplace, a garden and 18th century reproduction furniture. They also have a great proximity to academic buildings making it much more convenient to attend classes.

Room and dormitories come in different categories like the quads, doubles, triples, theme housing, substance free housing and more. This selection should therefore be based on one’s personality. Single rooms are ideal for loners, independent persons who like to have things done either their way or away and the people who always have the desire to transform everything around them especially the interior decor. Social people who always want the company of friends or dread being alone, the ones that want to stay informed on the current events as well as persons who have to borrow one or two things should settle for the shared room types.

Julia Strauss is an architect and guest author at Top Colleges Online. You can read her latest articles here.