The 4 Golden Oldies Of Stable Careers

You just finished high school and as you stand there on the stage receiving your certificate you wonder “What now?”. Today there’s so many careers out there that people don’t know what to pick anymore. You’ll most likely work up to the career you’ve always dreamed off, but for now, we picked a few golden oldie careers which have stood the test of time as stable careers.

Web Designer

Web designers will always be on the scene since the internet was born. Businesses see the importance of going online and representing their company so that more people can be exposed to their products and services. Web Designers have the ability to code your website, help with hosting and layout to give you the end design you needed. They are in high demand as the online industry is growing rapidly each year.


We had to put these two together since both of them concern the medical field. However each have their own specific duties. A nurse is more than a lackey at the office and must study just as hard to cram their head with as much medical knowledge as they can muster. They have to be able to administer the medication, assist the doctor in procedures, be able to detect symptoms and have a great bedside manner. Doctors also have a great amount of medical knowledge but they are the ones calling the shots and doing the diagnoses. They can also specialise and become surgeons or General Practitioners. The world always needs doctors and a lawyer since everybody gets sick one time or the other, this is a career, which is highly regarded all over the world.


Every office needs administrators, even with the boom of administrative software. The software still needs someone to operate and the administrators still need the software to process the vast amount of data we receive these days. Administrators come in every shape and size and your skills will determine which kind of administrative position you will have.


Salesmen are also the core of any business. They are the people who bring in the clients and money. If you have a smooth personality and persuade people easily you will be perfect for this position. Your career depends on the company you join as each have different clients and different products (or services) they sell. When looking for a sales job online you should try to find a company who fit with your interests.
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