The 5 Elements Needed To Replenish A Modern Bedroom

Contemporary bedrooms are glitzy and stylish. If your ideas about modern interiors are all wet and you wish to give your home a refined look, we are here to guide you. Here is how you can use the five basic elements of nature to furnish your bedroom.

Fire is one of the most basic elements of nature which actually epitomizes your strength and vigor. There are various ways in which you can use this element to beautify your bedroom.

  • Fireplace: You can have a small fireplace at one side of the room to keep you warm in the cool winter days. Incorporating a fireplace in the bedroom has myriad advantages. It helps to make your bedroom cozy, warm and livable. Especially when you are living in the cold regions, this may actually be inevitable.

  • Candles: You may even go for little candles to create a romantic ambience in your bedroom. You can go for candle stands which are carved or shaped like romantic hearts.


You can actually not bring water indoors. Yet there are many ways in which you can visually create the same soothing effect of water and waves using wall décor items and accessories.

  • Wall Water Fountain: These are indoor water fountains that help you decorate your walls in a very sophisticated manner.

  • Water Chandeliers: These chandeliers resemble water droplets. They are ideal additions to your romantic abode.


The earthen color tone is very soothing to the human eye. You must have some home décor accessories of the earthen shade in your cozy bedroom.

  • Indoor Planters: You may go for indoor planters of earthen shades. If you plant lush green saplings in these, they will appear very refreshing.

  • Wooden Furniture: You can incorporate natural shades to your bedroom by opting for wooden furniture. They look simple and yet help to create ergonomically sound home interiors.  

Metal symbolizes strength and luster. You must have a metallic accent that will add to the glow of your room. The best way is to incorporate some metallic home décor items.

  • Metal Photo Frames: You can have a photograph with your loved ones in the bedroom. You may even opt for a photograph with your spouse. This will help you enhance the romance with your better half.

  • Metallic Vase: You can house the romantic red rose inside a well carved metallic vase. These vases come in many different sizes and shapes. Always go for metallic shades to help create a metallic accent in your bedroom.

5. AIR
Air is one of the five basic elements. We must have a thoroughly ventilated room if wish should be able to live comfortably.

  • Windows: You must have properly ventilated windows to create a really comfortable bedroom. The choice of windows will also decide whether you have a comfortable stay.

  • Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans help to keep to room airy and ventilated. You can go for simple ceiling fans or ceiling fans with stylish embellishments. Such ceiling fans can actually decorate your bedroom ceilings.

The five elements of Mother Nature are definitely the five major elements you will require to replenish your modern abode. If you make the right choices, you can give your contemporary abode a real stylish finish.

Tips to make the right choices
Here we have listed a few tips and suggestions which may help you make better choices.

  • You must always opt for eco-friendly and sustainable home décor items.
  • You must fix a budget before deciding on a particular home décor item.
  • You can refer internet to have a better idea on the various available options.

Author is Manoj Goure from