The 9 Strangest Perfume Scents On The Market

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Funeral Home Scent

The Funeral home Scent by Demeter offers a combination of lilies, carnations and gladiolus combined with mahogany and carpet to make you smell just like a funeral home. While sombre, I can’t imagine the smell being very appealing when going out on a Saturday night.

Flame by Burger King

Yes that’s right, Burger King have developed their own body spray so you can smell like flame grilled meat every time you walk out the door.

Cannabis Santal

If you want to tempt fate when you go out and hope you don’t get stopped by police, then this is the scent for you. The perfume captures the scent of cannabis combining it with vanilla and chocolate – A weird combination.

Secretions Manifique

This strange scented perfume by Elat Libre d’Orange smells like a mixture of spit, semen and blood. A very strange scent that is available on the market, but maybe not ideal when heading for a dinner party.

Sushi Cologne

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Loving the taste of sushi and wanting to smell like sushi are two completely different things. But Demeter have the Sushi Cologne available on the market where you can leave the house smelling like seaweed, ginger and lemon.

In the Library

It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy browsing the rows of books in the library, do you want to smell like that? CB Experience has developed the In the Library scent where you can smell like the leather bindings and English novels that you find in the library without leaving your home.

Sugar Cookie

Don’t expect the sweet smell of a sugar cookie when you buy this scent by Demeter. The doughy smell is designed around children’s play dough, offering a doughy smell that will follow you all day long.

Apple No

When you look at this name you immediately think of a delightful fruity scent that will give you a fresh smell for hours. Wrong. This scent is designed to make you smell just like your MacBook Pro. If you really miss your laptop when leaving the house, you may want to consider this really strange scent.


Lady Gaga has turned to perfumes, her first scent Monster is not what fans expected. The perfume smells of a mixture of blood and semen and not exactly what you want to be wearing every time you leave the house.

With so many strange scents on the market, you have to wonder if they really sell. Are there people out there that will buy these strange perfumes? The answer is yes, there is everything from lobster smelling scents to the smell of electricians. These scents are hitting the market and are available for purchase, maybe the fun would be to collect them and see how many strange scents you could collect, but would you actually be willing to leave the house wearing them? This is the real question.

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