The Advantages Of The Integration Of Direct Email Marketing With Social Media

Tools used by the users to Share Content Online

To find the promotion of a brand in the first place users visit the official website

There are many studies and research on the subject of Direct Email Marketing and the most effective ways to strengthen this form of advertising. For a number of recent studies highlight how the social media such as Facebook and Twitter is a vital instrument to integrate into a newsletter, as can involve the user with all the promotional and commercial initiatives of a company. In other words, email, and social, not cannibalize each other but mutually reinforcing .

Winning Combinations: e-mail and Social Networks

According to research conducted in June 2010 by the Lyris which involved the major marketers in North America emerge some clarifying data: first, the 54% of respondents said that the integration of social media and e-mail has produced a significant improvement in the results .

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How to Integrate Social Media and Email

The tips on the tactics to be adopted coming from webinars to David Hallerman , who has analyzed the possible best practices in the management of e-mail marketing . Let us specifically what to do and why!

These are the Steps to be Taken into Account:

  • E-mail = + social network strengthens the bond with the consumer (with different key)
  • E-mail Mobile + = different messages, the more opportunities related to localization
  • Use a channel as a tow toward others (eg with a bid for the equipment dedicated only to newsletter subscribers)
  • To capture the attention the information the email should be short , the threshold of attention of the users is usually low

Basic Rules for e-mail Marketing:

  • More options for users to confirm their registration
  • Different ways to collect data
  • Finding the right balance between excess and excessive dilution of messages sent over time
  • More opportunities for contact via social and mobile

Targettizzare and Properly Segmenting their Lists:

The ideal is a single database for all channels (ie, the data collected through e-mail, social and mobile)

Cross-media communication to identify the different user preferences

Segment users in geography, demographics, product category, business

Create targettizzati messages based on a mix between segmentation and user preferences adoperate

The Techniques used by Marketers:

The American Marketers have used these Tactics to Segment the Audience B2B:

  • E-mail and clickthrough (87%)
  • Monitoring of social networks (39%)
  • Questionnaires (82%)
  • Web Tracking (70%)
  • Monitoring of the blogs (28%)

Not only sharing: the e-mail and social media are something more!

What combinations can actually work? First the ‘ e-mail is the first social media has always been used to share resources.

Secondly, social media increase the exchange of ideas, which, however, can be supported through e-mail.

Loyal customers also can become ” brand ambassadors “and promote it: we need to identify them.

The content to be conveyed must be different depending on the channel (e-mail, mobile, social), ie to avoid copying and pasting the text.

Regarding the characteristics that inspire confidence in social media, the statistics there is no doubt: for 64% of respondents are open to dialogue positive and negative comments , ie the possibility of establishing a genuine relationship, uncensored .

From another statistic shows that Internet users to share content online primarily use the email , followed by Facebook, with respectively 86% and 49% (see slide below).

Tools used by the users to Share Content Online

Something Concrete: Discounts, Promotions and Gadgets:

To encourage people to follow a brand the most effective way is always to offer something in return such as discounts, offers and free gifts

Exclusive information for the customer to feel special (previews, news, sections accessible only for registered users)

B2B Content: case studies, webinars, research on topics that may be of interest to users

Take advantage of the immediacy of e-mail and furniture, for example by offering discounts through sms

Users look first of all promotions on the official website of the brand , then filling out the form on the site and leaving their mail, to a lesser extent seek via a search engine or via Facebook (see slide below).

To find the promotion of a brand in the first place users visit the official website

In summary, some best practices and suggestions:

Details about segmentation and targeting product collected by e-mail can be replicated in social and mobile

Find out who your audience is and what he wants can give meaning to entire marketing campaigns, so it is important to collect data

  • The mutual communication gives value to free e-mail-social
  • The Mobile combined with the e-mail is an emerging market
  • Offer more choices is the added value of digital marketing
  • Newsletter registration takes become a fan

The spread of e-mail as a means of promotion is also massive compared to “become a fan” of a brand on Facebook or followers on Twitter : from research it turns out that in the age group 25-34 years, 96% of users is newsletter subscriber of a brand , while only 47% and 8% are the percentages of signatures collected respectively from Facebook and Twitter.

The distance is remarkable for the benefit of the good old email, but what encourages us to think about is what can happen by combining the two instruments , and avoid replicating the contents, but by exploiting the potential of two different media, taking into account that e-mail is far from dead.

The Cabinet Revitalizes the e-mail

Also performed on the side cabinet are influenced by data derived from e-mail: after browsing via smartphones will become increasingly widespread and already in many control the mails on the go. However, the e-mail marketing is still underdeveloped for mobile, therefore it is useful to optimize the service from now: creating e-mail read on smartphones and giving the possibility to choose different formats.

Those who underestimate this aspect should see this slide: 41.7% of the time spent browsing via mobile phones is used to read the e-mai l, 22.7% for social networks and blogs.

Time spent by users logged in via Mobile

What Motivates users to Leave their email?

Finally, we observe what are the motives for the potential customer to leave their e-mail address : get a return , something unique that can not be found elsewhere, identical logic for users who follow a brand on social networks.

What Motivates users to Subscribe to a Newsletter

Considerations and Recommendations

The e-mail marketing can be the right answer, offering subscribers to newsletters discounts, promotions customized by virtue of the fact that it is the user to choose which data to share. In all likelihood, the greater the spread of the mobile web will be more important to integrate social with e-mail, which is still the preferred way to manage information .

For those who want to integrate email and social, I add my own personal tip: enter a registration form to the Vs. newsletter on social profiles , for example with facebook just create a custom FBML tab and insert the code snippet connected to Vs. mail service provider .

At the same time to write on the social profiles of the users who are already enrolled in the Vs. newsletter , it is important to add links to company profiles within each e-mail sent.

Author Bio: Ankur is the Digital Media strategist of SEO India Agency. He is also an active blogger and loves to share his experience and knowledge of the SEO India, Internet Marketing and reputation management.