The Art Of Surface Design In Fashion

Surface Design
Surface design is an art that requires a subtle and often personal touch. With this particular art, one takes a natural or synthetic surface and alters the appearance with the application of various embellishments. It’s enhancing the material surface with a three dimensional application. This can include weaving, embroidery, knitting, devoré, lace, embossing or beading. The results can be traditional, digitized, stylized and illusionary.

Unlimited Potential
There are no creative limitations to surface design. Even papermaking and painting have been used to inspire innovation and excellence. The Digital Glass Surface Design Show displayed ground breaking innovations in surface design with the displaying of energy efficient and decorative projects that can dramatically enhance glass for almost any project.
This show was a powerful reminder that this specialized field of art is not limited to fabric and textiles. Professionals from the worlds of architecture, landscaping and designing saw firsthand how almost anything can be transformed into an inspirational and practical piece of art for any internal or external environment.
The show was also used to demonstrate a critical aspect of surface design, which is the ability to introduce a range of designing which minimizes waste. As a matter of fact, the art can actually promote the longevity of materials and how they can be repurposed.
Surface designers consist of photographers, digital artists, painters and illustrators, knitters and so much more. As the process can be applied to any surface in any number of fashions, it’s not unusual for it to be utilized for projects ranging from creating an original t-shirt to the art on a department store’s windows. It can be used for providing patterns and prints for apparel, gifts, paper goods and home furnishing. A lot of practitioners use surface design solely to create art for exhibition.
Surface design has been around since cavemen sketched on walls.
Today, processes such as silk screening are used to engineer some of the most beautiful surface designs. Museums and galleries proudly display the art. Everyone from professional landscapers to the layman enjoys applying the process to their professional and private projects.
Nothing makes a better gift than a unique piece of clothing or accessory that has been personalized with a distinctive design. That design can be beads, paint or glitter.
This type of designing is taken seriously in the art community. It can be studied at some of the finest art institutes in the world. Explore concepts, how it’s influenced art, how applications as varied as ceramics, tile and resin all have their place, illustration, color development and layout design techniques and so much more. There’s even the opportunity to specialize that study, gearing it towards a specific industry, such as retail.
The world of surface design is a fascinating one and what the future holds should be equally fascinating.
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