The Art Of Tile Crafting

Tile crafting can be dated back to the Egyptian era, but tiles were widely distributed by China, about 3500 years ago with the use of color and the process of glazing, which stemmed from the Mesopotamia era. European countries, especially the Delft tiles of the Netherlands, were highly crafted throughout Europe and the New World. Through the Industrial Revolution to modern manufacturing of tiles with stronger, long lasting materials, remain a popular decorative item in homes, offices, indoor and outdoor structures. The architectural art tile process, produces tiles that contain versatility, artistic uniqueness, and endurance, for years of enjoyment and sculptured wonder.

Architectural art tiles, help to capture the spirit of each owner’s imaginative vision. Art Tile products can easily be displayed in every environment within the home, including an entry way, family room, laundry room, the basement, a powder room and the kitchen. Tiles can be affordably used, for flooring enhancement, a counter top showcase, as gorgeous wall murals, medallion works and as an intrinsic decorative back splash. Architectural art tiles can be customized in various shapes, sizes and color in both natural and engineered materials which include, glass, ceramic materials, granite, marble. Corporate offices can customize their workplace in art tiles which feature their logos or signage.

Cutting edge tile effects give any home, office space and building structures, a distinctive ambiance which will have people talking for years to come. Pre-designed, selective tiles, are available in a myriad of patterns. Architectural art tile preferences, can also be crafted for personalized memories, using photographs, through a sublimation process. Only your imagination can limit the professional artwork in art tile designs. Themed tile categories, for that perfect conversational piece, includes botanical, nautical, animal, scenic, floral, art deco, musical, literary works and artistry works by such famous artists as Claude Monet.

Advanced technology, has made art tiles easy to manipulate and install with expert builders and architects. Choosing etched glass designs to match your décor, does not need to be a fearful choice. Laser technology has given glass tiles the ability to reflect the perfect lighting aura. Glass tiles can be installed in water environments, due to its moisture resistant surface and properties. There are endless possibilities in using Architectural Art mosaic tiles, indoors and outdoors, to frame that perfect fireplace, patios, sculptures, fountains and landscaped garden designs. Commercial and residential projects are augmented with the installation of architectural art tiles for remodeling, pre-construction projects.

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