The Asia Society And Museum Of New York

The Asia Society is an educational organization that strengthens partnerships and promotes mutual understanding among institutions, leaders and people of the US and Asia. The Society covers the fields of politics, arts, education, culture and business and addresses present and future challenges by promoting collaboration, generating ideas and providing insight.

In 1956, John D. Rockefeller 3rd founded the Asia Society. At first, the institution was meant to help the Americans understand Asian culture. Nowadays, it is an international organization that has offices all over Asia and the US and it features cross – disciplinary programming and various educational plans. The cultures and economies of these 2 regions are more and more interconnected; thus, the Society is now focused on the globalization’s effects, Asian American problems and Asian issues such as global health topics, human rights, environmental subjects and the women’s status.

The Asian region defined by the Asia Society and Museum is from Iran to Japan, from the Pacific Islands, New Zeeland and Australia to central Asia. This organization is non – partisan and non – profit and its goals are to increase awareness about Asian culture, politics, arts, education and business. All these are achieved through education. The Society often sponsors various programs for teachers and students, lectures, art exhibitions, film and performances. The institution also has a focus on women’s position, global health, environment and human rights.

The headquarters of the Asia Society is on Upper East Side, in Manhattan, at East 70th Street and Park Avenue. The building has 9 stories and features an interesting and modern design. The granite finish, as well as the upper floor’s semicircular window and its colors are evoking Asia. In 1999, the structure was closed for renovation and expansion. Thus, the new modernized building has a café and an atrium measuring 24 feet. Additionally, the exhibition space inside the museum was doubled. This way, the entire Asian art collection owned by Rockefeller could be put on display.

New York City accommodates the headquarters of the Asia Society and Museum, but the organization has various centers throughout Asia and America. The American branches are in Washington, DC, San Francisco, Houston and Los Angeles. The Asian centers can be seen in Mumbai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila and Seoul. Melbourne, Australia, also accommodates a center.

The Museum is an important part of the Asia Society. This cultural institution hosts numerous film screenings, visual arts, performances, literature lectures, contemporary and traditional exhibitions. The art collections inside the museum encompass works of art originating from 30 Asian – Pacific states. The building accommodates Japanese art, Buddhist and Hindu statuary, paintings, Chinese ceramics, temple carvings etc. The Museum also features a lot of contemporary Asian art so as to show the present and future of this civilization. Throughout the year, the institution has a couple of exhibits. There are 4 public galleries that have been expanded in 2001. The Asia Society and Museum also have a café and a museum shop. The “Garden Court Cafe” has been repeatedly included by Forbes in the New York’s All-Star Eateries.

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