The Babolat Tennis Bag Symbolizes Tradition

With such a solid reputation throughout the tennis world, it is no surprise that Babolat is often the official supplier of tennis gear during championships. The Babolat tennis bag and its tennis racquets are well known internationally.

Several champion players use Babolat products including American Andy Roddick and Spain’s Rafael Nadal. The company has made a name for itself across the seas, similar to the game itself.

Tennis is now played and practiced on every continent and the game is no longer a US dominated sport. Recent champions such as Serbia’s Novak Djokovic and Russia’s Maria Sharapova have enhanced the game’s international status. Not only do tennis champs accept lucrative advertisement offers but many are actively involved with non-profit organizations and spearhead charities to help the less fortunate.

For example, Billie Jean King has promoted superior tennis bags but continues to devote her time and energy towards charitable acts. For the past two decades, King, with assistance from other celebrities, has raised funds for an AIDS Foundation. In her generous company are former tennis stars Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe. To date, more than $10 million has been donated to such foundations.

When famous athletes manifest their humanitarian side, they serve as positive citizens and role models for the general population to try and serve their communities however possible. Even during tough economic times, charitable acts performed by high-profile athletes can motivate even community leaders and local legislators to act.

In addition to tennis matches and athletes helping to raise funds for noteworthy causes, tennis is quite a family-friendly sport that appeals to all ages. Even senior citizens play tennis tournaments. Throughout the U.S., the more mature tennis players participate in World Team and Individual Championships in Turkey, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

“We like to emphasize the health benefits of tennis to the community…we can see people in their 60s, 70s and 80s still being healthy, active and competitive as they get older,” said Leslie Shields, a Community Tennis Director from Georgia.

Marceline Preston, an 81-year-old tennis player from Georgia says, “We’re very proud, especially when we play against the younger girls and they have to go home and tell their husbands that these two old ladies just beat them.”

In this ever-changing world, it is nice to know that tennis has maintained its positive tradition as a safe and healthy activity for both the old and the young. It may not be long before we see a silver-haired player advertise a Babolat tennis bag or a Prince tennis racquet with favorable results.

Celia Taghdiri is a tennis enthusiast and a freelance writer with an education background in English/Journalism. Her articles have been featured in the San Diego Union Tribune and various magazines.