The Benefits Of A Virtual Office

If you’re a freelancer or have your business based out of your home, you may be hesitant to always give out your home address and personal phone number. You may not want your clients showing up at your home unannounced, or you may simply not want to have clients at your home at all. While some careers allow you to do all of your client interaction through email or video chat, there are some situations in which you need to have a client mail you a package, call you, or meet with you in person. A virtual office is the solution to all three of these needs.

Virtual Addresses

A virtual office comes complete with a virtual address. You often get to select from a number of locations where the virtual office service has property, allowing you to better customise where your virtual office is located. You can use this as a mailing address, and a service representative will collect all of your mail that is sent to the address. You usually have the option of either collecting the mail in person whenever you want or having the service forward the mail to you. Forwarded mail is usually collected for several days or a week before being sent in one batch, but you can often customise this service to your needs.


Another feature that many who work from home will appreciate is the virtual business receptionist. You will have a trained professional handle all of your calls while acting if he or she was your personal receptionist working out of your office. Your receptionist will then transfer the call to whatever number you have provided so you can take calls on your home, mobile, or another phone. The caller is never given your actual number, and you can change which number you want calls forwarded to whenever you want.

Meeting Rooms and Workspaces

One benefit to having virtual offices from Velocity Virtual is the use of their meeting rooms and workspaces. You can actually meet clients at the address you’ve given them for a meeting, or you can book office space at any of the offices the company owns and work there for a day. While working from home does have its benefits, sometimes working at a professional office lets you focus better. A change of location can also help you overcome the mental block that has been preventing you from moving ahead on a project.

Many of these work spaces are more than just small offices, too. You will have access to a full business centre that includes a fully-stocked kitchen, a gym, break areas, and other perks. In addition to enjoying these perks, your clients will also get a glimpse of these spaces as they arrive and are shown to your office or conference room. It’s a great way to impress upon them that you actually work at a large, impressive office. The illusion created by virtual offices is so complete that no one will ever suspect you spend most of your time working from home.