The Benefits Of Business Coaching For Professionals

The life of a business owner or entrepreneur can be a very lonely place. It can be extremely difficult to reach out for assistance in the challenges you may be facing because of the risks involved in providing information to others that may hurt your own bottom line.

It can also be difficult to turn to staff and employees to work on decision making based on the type of business you have and your particular business model. The relationship you have with staff and the specific issue of the challenge may also make this a less than ideal option.

However, the same can also be true for people in any level of their career. Having to ask questions or admitting you have a challenge may be read by managers, employers or co-workers as an issue in the workplace, so struggling on your own to find an answer may be the only option you think you have available.

A Business Coach

As a top psychotherapist in London, Philippe Jacquet offers business coaching services, which is the answer to the problems faced by so many today. Business coaching can be offered by many different professionals, but there is a real and distinct advantage to working with our psychotherapists in Canary Wharf and central London.

First, let’s take a closer look at the services or advantages a business coach offers. He or she should have experience in business, which can include running their own business or working in small and large organizations. As a psychotherapist managing and working out of his own offices in England, Belgium and Spain, Philippe Jacquet has this level of experience. He has also worked for major hospitals, provided retreats and trainings for corporations and groups, and worked in piloting several groundbreaking programs.

The Business Coach will act similar to a mentor, but with a more active role. The coach will listen to the business owner, executive, employee or self-employed individual to learn just where the person desires improvement. For most clients, improvement will be beneficial over multiple areas including conflict resolution, decision making, stress management, time management, organizational skills, communication and in developing effective relationships both on a personal and professional level.

The Process

One of the very unique things about working with a Business Coach, particularly with Philippe Jacquet, is the flexibility and client-centred focus provided by the sessions. The coach using guiding principles of effective coaching strategies to ask questions, pose challenges and provide levels of accountability to help to achieve your unique goals.

The process of working with a Business Coach is very comfortable. While the first meeting is typically in person, there is a lot of flexibility built into the sessions. They may be held at your place of employment, at the office of the coach, or they may even be done through Skype sessions, which are offered to clients by Mr. Jacquet.

During the sessions, the business coach will ask questions, provide exercises and activities, and assist you in setting large goals and smaller milestones. They are also there to provide support and encouragement and to help to monitor progress.

The Coaching Relationship

Often business coaching is a long-term relationship between the business professional and the coach. The actual topics within the coaching sessions will evolve over time, and may include strategies and ideas to deal with a wide range of different issues, including improving communication, addressing conflict more effectively, or even in learning how to work with different personality types.

While these skills will always be essential in business communication and interactions, they can also be helpful in personal relationships outside of business. This is one of the benefits of business coaching; it is flexible and adaptable enough to provide broad support when needed but also address very specific challenges when required.

A great business coach is someone you can relate to, that you feel comfortable with, and that understands that you are the key to your own success. He or she doesn’t solve problems for you, or tell you what to do, rather they help you to determine what is the next best step to take to reach your objectives, whatever they may be in your business.