The Benefits Of Doctor Review Tracking

When it comes to choosing a doctor, many patients are now turning their efforts to the Internet. They’re using sites like RateMDs and Vitals to learn more about doctors that they may use.

As a doctor or doctor’s office, it’s very important that your company track these online reviews to know what’s being said about your business. If you can be found on one of these sites, the reviews that patients leave can be either beneficial or harmful to your business.

Tracking your reviews does not mean that you have to take the time to physically visit each review site to see what’s being said about your brand. You can implement tools to do this for you, such as Review Trackers, Chat Meter or Google Alerts.

No matter how you decide to track your reviews, the following are a few of the benefits you’ll receive by doing so.

Learn what your patients think about you.
As a doctor, everything about you is rated on these sites, from your knowledge of illness down to your bedside manner. When you track reviews, you can learn what your patients really think about you. Maybe they think you’re extremely knowledgeable, but maybe they think your bedside manner needs improvement. Knowing what your patients have to say about you can teach you areas where you could use some improvement. When you take this constructive criticism, you can improve these areas and make your patients’ experiences more pleasant.

Learn what your patients think about your staff.
Along with information about you personally, review sites also allow your customers to rate your staff. You can use this information to learn things about your staff that you may not have seen for yourself. For example, if multiple reviews complain about a rude staff member, you can use this information to address them. It’s important that you constantly improve your business to make your patients happy, and knowing what your patients think about your staff can help.

Learn what your patients think about your business as a whole.
Are you getting negative reviews for wait time? If so, maybe you need to address the way you schedule patients. Are you getting reviews for uncleanly offices? Maybe you should evaluate your cleaning company. Take everything that these reviews have to say about your business and use it to make the necessary improvements.

Learn what’s being said about your competition.
Online reviews are public, which means that you can easily track what is being said about your competition as well as your own company. This way, you can see if they’re getting great reviews or negative reviews, and you can see what they’re doing that make their patients happy or what is making their patients unhappy.  Plus, if you see a few negative reviews, you can always reach out to these people and tell them to come to you instead. They just may welcome the invitation with open arms.

Helping your patients is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a doctor. In order to keep your patients happy, you need to track what is being said about you on these sites so that you can use them to further your success and create the best practice possible.

Jessica Brown writes valuable and informational articles for Review Trackers.  She likes to give advice to others about review monitoring tactics and doctor review tracking.