The Benefits Of Paper Dispensers

As our society focuses more on living a healthier lifestyle, we are more cautious of spreading germs and reducing cross-contamination especially at the workplace, hospitals, and schools. Paper dispensersare quickly replacing individual rolls of paper towels to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Our Auto Cut Paper Dispenser is hands free, all you have to do is gently pull on the sheet of paper towel and wipe your hands as needed.

Designed to Be Hands Free

Although we are excited to incorporate new technologies in our products, sometimes it may cause more frustration than convenience. Have you ever been in a bathroom where you have to constantly wave your hand back and forth in front of a malfunctioning sensor? It can be quite frustration and time consuming. You end up having turn a knob or pulling a lever to get the sheet anyway. There is no need to wait for the Auto Cut Dispenser to dispense or cut the paper; it happens in an instant.

In keeping with the hands free design, there is no button to push or lever to pull in the Auto Cut Paper Dispenser. This works especially well for users who may suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel. Paper dispensers should be easy and convenient to use. That is why our Auto Cut Paper Dispenser is designed to be a hands free products that is user friendly.

Automatic Single Sheet Dispersion

You may also find many paper dispensers are stocked with folded paper towels. In many cases, the user ends up pulling out one too many paper towels because it is hard to indicate where the opening of the fold is. They may also pinch or grab a handful of paper towels because it is located directly under the dispenser. The Auto Cut Paper Dispenser is stocked with single sheets of paper that are cut at equal lengths.

Reduce Costs

There is no need to search under the dispenser to find where the fold of the paper is and the user does not have to worry about pulling out too many sheets on accident. Even paper dispensers with sensors that are too sensitive can dispense excessive paper towels as well. The Auto Cut Paper Dispenser helps to reduce waste because the user controls how many sheets they would like to use. Should the user need an additional sheet, the dispenser automatically advances the next sheet of paper towel. If another sheet is not needed, it is already available for the next user. This saves money on having to frequently reload the dispenser as well.

By being able to store hundreds of paper towels, there is less time spent restocking the dispenser. This dispenser can also be locked to avoid theft or unnecessary removal of paper towels.

Ultimately, the Auto Cut Dispenser helps to reduce cross-contamination in any area where its use is encouraged whether it’s in the bathroom, laboratory, kitchen, garage, etc. With so many probabilities of spreading germs and bacteria via door knobs, flush handles, faucets, etc. the Auto Cut Dispenser is one less touch point in the world of Hygiene Extreme.

Kim Miller hopes you find this article on paper dispensers to be beneficial to you.