The Benefits Of Steel Security Doors

You might be asking yourself why you would ever need a steel security door over the traditional wooden or more modern PVC front door. A fear that a lot of people have is that their front door will look like the entrance to the safe in a bank, this isn’t true so don’t worry. In fact, steel security doors are made to look just like an everyday PVC door but with the added extra of giving you a little extra insulation in the home.

Steel security doors are designed to protect you, your loved ones and your belongings from any attempted break ins. They are made to make breaking in through the door as difficult as possible – something that’s not so difficult in a standard PVC door. Steel security doors are made with impact and drill proof locks, reinforced frames and fixing plates etc. As well as a single conventional lock steel security doors – although they still only have one key – has around five different locks that are initiated at the turn of just the one key.

You won’t need a new steel security door any time soon either as they don’t weaken with age, unlike wooden doors. This means that maintaining the door would be easy once it has been installed.

A steel security door could potentially save you quite a bit of money as they are fitted with draught and weather proof seals. This helps to make your property air tight, which means it keeps the heat in and consequently saves you money on your household bills.

Steel security doors are a benefit to the environment:
So, the initial benefits of steel doors are obvious, they give your home better security, better fire resistance, better sound proofing and something you may not have previously considered, they’re good for the environment.

Steel security doors help the environment on a number of scales; firstly, they have a higher lifespan of about 40 years compared to a wooden door which has a lifespan of 15. The fewer times a door needs to be replaced, the fewer resources it uses. Steel doors are also energy efficient and good insulators; this will save you a lot of money on bills – especially as it’s getting close to winter.

Even when a steel security door needs replacing it’s still a benefit to the environment; this is because steel is one of the most recycled and most easily recycled materials. In fact almost 80% of the steel that is in use today has, at some point, been recycled. Recycling means that fewer natural resources are used and that your steel security door could become a new security door.

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