The Benefits Of Using Non Sparking Specialty Tools and Screwdrivers

There are situations where it is a priority to keep sparks and fire from happening while you work. Many industrial venues such as mining or on oil rigs have those hazardous conditions that can include fire and explosions when sparks ignite flammable solvents, vapors, liquids, dusts, or other residues. Eliminating the possibility of fires and explosions goes to the top of the list when considering how to stay safe. Those who work under hazardous conditions must have special tools that have that safety in mind but are still functional.

That’s where specialty, non-sparking hand tools can save the day. When the hazardous conditions that you work under can come from a tiny spark as you use your screwdriver, you had better have a screwdriver that will reduce or eliminate that potential disaster as much as possible.

Non-sparking tools are made from special alloys that significantly reduce sparks when they strike other metal parts. And any sparks that are struck are “cold” sparks that will not ignite even low-ignition materials. When working with the example of screwdrivers, the best ones will have a couple of other features that make using them a good experience. One such feature is the ability to hold screws as they are inserted. You should be able to get into tight spaces with the tool and do the job.

Another feature is an ergonomic handle that allows for repeated use that won’t tire your hands out as much as non-ergonomic handles you normally see on average tools. Look for other features crafted into the tool such as a wedge-type action that powerfully grips the screw slot and won’t slip – one of the main ways sparks are thrown, and vinyl-covered tubing on the shaft which is another way to reduce the change of thrown sparks. And tools that come with unbreakable Tenite handles are likely to be the ones that will do a really good job for you.

Non-Sparking Safety Tools and Specialty Screwdrivers have to be engineered to stand up to harsh environments and brutal use. But the type of alloys used in the manufacture of non-sparking tools generally have less tensile strength than normal steel tools. So it becomes really important to look for makers of specialty tools that have a good track record for holding up to harsh use. You won’t find these tools at the local hardware store – you need to go to a specialty tool provider, and online is a good place to start.

Once you have your specialty, non-sparking screwdrivers or other tools, make sure you keep them free of contaminants which might hamper the non-sparking properties of the tool. You never want to use them in direct contact with acetylene, and making use of proper ventilation that will remove flammable dust and vapors will increase the safety factor.

Using tools that reduce or eliminate ignition such as non-sparking screwdrivers can really increase how safe you are as you work under hazardous conditions. With proper care and maintenance, they will last for years of use.

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