The Best Advice For Getting Your Salon Business Up And Running

Are you trying to get your new salon business up and running but need help doing it? If you’re unsure where to begin on all fronts, consider the following bits of advice and helpful hints for getting that ball rolling.

Think big first. If you have the finances and have chosen your store space, you have to go about making all the big practical installations, repairs, and improvements. This can mean everything from laying down floor tile to redoing old plumbing to installing special shampoo sink stations to having all the specialized wiring done for ample wall outlets and lighting fixtures. This all requires that you’ve done your homework, though. You will already have to have a master blueprint of your salon layout, for one. Secondly, you need to have on order the types of sinks and electricity-dependent appliances you plan on having in your salon, or else you won’t know where and what types of plumbing and wiring to have done!

Ordering The Rest

Once you’ve gotten all of that squared away, you can go about ordering the rest of the practical salon elements. This will include everything from a reception counter to all-purpose styling chairs to beauty salon equipment. If you plan on having many styling stations, it would be a good idea to have many cabinets on wheels so your stylists can move from station to station with ease, maintaining all their tools in an orderly fashion. This promotes good sanitation practices within your salon, as each stylist will be handling their own tools instead of swapping germs and that sort of thing. There are more fun elements to this too, like cool lighting fixtures, waiting room furniture, and classy décor accents. As long as there’s an upscale style and design continuity within your salon, your atmosphere is going to be a good one.

Who To Hire When You’re Ready

When you’re ready for the hiring process, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business is to hire an extremely warm, friendly, organized, and professional receptionist. Believe it or not, a salon receptionist can make or break a business. This is because they’re directly responsible for interacting with clients both in person and over the phone and getting them to the salon in the first place. If their attitude is sour, if their scheduling is all over the place, if they aren’t on top of reminding clients about their appointments, you are going to lose business fast. Word of mouth is a huge factor in the salon business world so hiring someone who is fun, friendly, and organized from the get-go will save you a lot of strife in getting your business on its feet and thriving.
Eric Blair writes about about using beauty salon furniture, styling chairs and other types of equipment from Gamma & Bross Salon Equipment to make any spa look great.