The Best Apps For Travelling

Electronic gadgets have altered the way people travel. Today Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are used in lieu of the old-time road map, so you can locate where you’re going just about anywhere. Finding a restaurant doesn’t mean you need go through the Yellow Pages anymore, and getting your point across in another language can be easy with the right app. You can do all these through applications on your mobile, be it your smart cellular phone, tablet or pad. Here are some of the most important apps you can use to make travelling abroad a lot easier:
Google Earth/Google Maps
Available for all smartphones, tablets and computers for free. ‘Flies’ you to your destination and locates you in any city of your choosing, so you don’t get lost. The National Geographic has its own version also in high definition, the NG World Atlas.
Trip Advisor
Shows you customer reviews and feedback of restaurants, resorts and hotels, so you know immediately whether the place you were thinking of having dinner is any good. It also allows you to book your itinerary ahead as well.
It translates phrases and languages so you can find your way to the souvenir market by asking the locals. You can switch between dialects within a particular country and it pronounces the words to guide you. It can currently support 55 languages.
Wifi finder
Enables you to find the nearest wifi zone. Vital when you need to send photos to empty your camera, read messages, chat with your family at home, or just query anything about your intended location while you are waiting for your flight.
TripIt or TripCase
It’s a travel management application that lets you track flight confirmation, schedules, status (including the late arrivals or departures) and alternative flight if you missed yours
A travel-booking app, Kayak allows you to book flights, find hotels, see which car rental is cheapest in your destination. A must for hassle-free travelling.
Finder for restrooms beyond the hotel lobbies when you have to go. Locates more than 65,000 toilets all over the world.
This has a map of all subways and metro lines in cities of Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. It does not even need the Internet for you to view a map. Saves you taxi fare over and over.
It shows you the best bus and train routes in the city of your choice so you can plan your moves – much cheaper than taking a taxi everytime.
The app enables you to find the nearest supermarkets, gas filling stations, hospitals, hotels and others -very important if you are travelling by car.
These applications can really make your life easier when travelling about. Most of them will overlap in terms of the functionality that they provide, while each having their own unique feel. By testing each app out you can see which ones work best for you, and start using them whenever you leave the house.
This was a guest post By Angus from a provider of international SIM cards for making cheap international calls.